Exercises to Lift the Butt

These 3 exercises to lift the butt can be done at home, being great for strengthening the buttocks, combat cellulite and improve body contouring.

Exercises to Lift the Butt

These gluteal exercises are also indicated in case of weakness of the muscles of this region, which can damage the hips, knees and ankles due to structural compensations.

A good way to strengthen the buttock muscles is to do exercises, such as walking on soft sand, riding bicycles and skates, for example, because the more this region is stimulated, the better the results.

3 exercises to strengthen the buttocks, which can be made at home, are:

Exercise 1 – Bridge

In this exercise you should lie on the floor, belly up, bend your knees, keeping your feet apart and raising your torso, making a bridge, as shown in the picture. Do 3 sets of 8 reps.

Exercise 2 – Advance squatting

In this exercise you should place your hands on your waist, take a wide step forward and bend the knee that is in front, as the image shows, being careful not to unbalance and not to touch the other knee on the floor. Do 3 sets of 8 reps with each leg.

Exercise 3 – 3 supports

In this exercise you should stand 3 supports on the floor and raise one leg, as if you were kicking up. For the exercise to have more effect, you can put a shin guard of 1 kg or more.

Other great exercises to do at home and raise your buttocks are to climb stairs for 10 minutes in a row, climbing 2 steps at a time, or climbing a bench or chair 20 centimeters high, using only one leg and keeping your back straight. In this exercise you should do 3 sets of 8 repetitions with each leg.