Exercise in Press 45 °. Some Points to Keep in Mind

Among the exercises that we carry out to work the muscles of the leg one of the most used is which takes place at the dam of 45º. It’s a very complete exercise in which we train very well all the undercarriage, but there are some points that we must bear in mind to not injure us with its execution, since it is an exercise more complex than at first glance seems.

First of all we need to know who in the press of 45 ° not all the weight that we raise, Since that move really is the 70% of the total. This is why it put so much weight on this machine. A fact that we do not have to serve as reference for other machines in which we are going to work the leg, because this is due to the inclination of this press.

The position in which we perform this exercise is important to take it into account, as have our hip in a 90 ° position We carry out stronger well because this position involves several muscles in this exercise such as the gluteus and insquiotibiales, favoring the State of tension in our body and the energy to lift the weight is greater.

When performing this movement we need to Special emphasis in the lumbar area, Since many people scale the pelvis was back. This movement that many see as normal is not at all, because it is due to a lack of muscle elasticity and joint of the parties involved in the movement, and that is the cause of further injury. The lumbar vertebrae are affected and this process can lead to problems of low back pain or herniated disk.

45º press exercises tend to be intensive, because we have high amounts of weight. This is why we have to have Beware of blood pressure for the effort, and is to increase significantly as we exercise descending abruptly when we stopped. These pressure changes can cause dizziness, so it is advisable to stop suddenly to avoid the ups and downs, but the exercise to a single leg to lift less weight, and less resistance.

ES important that at the time of the exercise we seize on the side handles, and it is that they are not made by chance, but to enable us to maintain a straight back position tightening the muscles and keep the spine in the correct position. With this we will get our legs make correctly exercise by having more strength and reduces the risk of injury.

Anyway, the important thing when carrying out this exercise is done correctly, as we always have that lower legs as much as we can to make the effect in our legs is searched, as well as do not tighten the knees When we get up, because in this way we support weight on them and we can damage them.

As it is always important to use more weight than that we can really lift, because otherwise we will get an erroneous execution with the consequent risk of injury.