Dressage in Belgium

Dressage knows other attempts in Belgium than in the Netherlands. In Belgium they use the letters E, G and M to indicate the difficulty dressage test. An overview of the tests asked exercises in e. De E attempts are the best tests on the matches in the VLP will Flemish League Equestrian held. Level E is also known as level 0.

What exercises are set in your trials?


Like every dressage test starts with E test into the ring on the AC lead the horse and rider at the X stop paying homage to the judges. In the E test comes from the combination within one working day trot and leave greetings also back in working trot to continue the trial.

Big Voltes

One of the key figures in the attempts of the big E Voltes is 20 meters in diameter. People ask this Voltes both trot and Canter and at various locations in the arena. Important for the large Voltes is that they respect the four paragraphs in a circle, they have a circle 20 m in diameter and the two halves are equal.


During a test E should also have a number of times by the hand is changed by a diagonal. The diagonal must be a straight line, in which the angles before and after the figure should be clearly done. In this test, also called a short diagonal, in which one turns away in the corner and continue to the middle of the opposite long side.

Basic courses

In the E test has only the basic gaits walk, trot and Canter will be shown to the jury. There is no comprehensive or collected corridors requested.


If his horse an e-mail test rides on competition should pay special attention to the end of the numbers. Figures must be operated exactly the letter to score points! The jury also like when the corner is run pretty biased and Voltes around and no corners. So be careful if you bet a pie, you don’t run into the corner! Additional points are also given for the General obedience of the horse, the overall effect of the equestrian facilities and corridors, regularity and the dynamics of the horse.