Downhill Tips for Beginners

Always wear the helmet and all protective equipment (suitable clothing, knee pads, gloves).

It is very important, for a downhill rider, to train downhill. It seems obvious, but it is descending, and descending, and training and training always, that improves the technique.

Do not train downhill alone. Especially in technical descents, fast and difficult. The danger exists and if something happens and you are alone, things can get complicated.

Examine and carefully analyze the descents that you do not yet know. It pays to spend time studying the more technical stretches before plunging into the bike. At the time of descent everything happens very fast. You should stay relaxed without being anxious.

The body should be well flexed by cushioning the shocks. Hold tight, but do not stiffen the body and let the bike work under your body. This is a big secret.

His field of vision at high speed should be a little ahead of the trail, some 10 or 20 meters, sometimes even more than that. The sooner you identify the obstacles better, but without neglecting the obstacle you are going through. As you pass through more technical stretches of descent, look a few meters ahead of the wheel. When braking, ease the body and move backwards so as not to drag the wheel.

The downhill demands a lot of physical conditioning! The legs suffer a lot, and also the hands, the wrists, arms and the neck. Try to strengthen these muscle groups with weight exercises.

Dedicate 50% of your cross country workouts to gaining fitness and strengthening your legs. Many downhill circuits have “leg” sections. Another good option is to train bicicross to improve the start and jump techniques.

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