Double Sleeping Bag

In recent years have begun to spread within the various campgrounds and mountain huts double sleeping bags, which offer clear advantages to those who want to spend the night close into an embrace with his partner/a. Are also perfect for those moms who want to have their young children next door during the night hours to spend a quiet night camping.

If the first double sleeping bags hit the COMPUTERMINUS they could not enjoy materials able to isolate perfectly from cold, the latest innovations have brought significant improvements in this respect.

However, if you need to use a sleeping bag in extreme cold (such as whether you should go in the high mountains) with temperatures at night can drop significantly below zero, it is surely better that cling to the sacks. To shape the latter still offer a much higher degree of insulation, especially Mummy models, which can wrap completely every part of your body leaving only the face uncovered. In this case, maintaining a good level of warmth is guaranteed by the inability of the circles of air to form inside the sleeping bag.

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If you have decided to opt for a double model it is important that you do fall down your choice of models;I’m definitely lighter than synthetics (considering that it is not a single bag weight is a characteristic to be taken into serious consideration), offer more warmth, are softer and allow you to save space when they are closed.

Before making the decision to purchase a double down sleeping bag you must consider, however, that their price is fairly high and you need to provide some care when I get time to use it, so as not to risk ruining it in no time. Also, you need to avoid direct contact of the sleeping bag with water, because you would need some time to dry completely; the water also prevents even an optimal heating, which does not happen with double synthetic bags.

Lately they have started being presented also double sleeping bags on the market, which at the same time exert the function of mattress. You can use them both at home, to give a bed for a guest improvised, that camping. They are usually made of vinyl to ensure excellent resistance, and are sold accompanied by a couple of pillows. Are easy to fold and whenever you use them will simply inflate them with an electric pump. In this tool you will need only a few minutes to complete the operation.