Do You Need Training Belt?

Weight lifting belt It serves to increase the stability of the middle area of the column to increase intra-abdominal pressure. If your level of weightlifting is only for physical conditioning and toning belt will serve as little.

It is when inserted large currents and heavy weights when the use of the belt is necessary, now that the stability provided by the abdominal and lumbar becomes insufficient. Therefore the belt is a useful resource, but in those specific moments where we create the load is too much intense and may compromise the stability.

Recent studies suggest that an abuse of this element can make the stabilizing muscles of the lower part of the column lost tone and become lazy. That belt should be limited to certain exercises and certain specific situations, but the work of stabilization of the spine rests in the belt and we are limiting the function of the muscles.

If you case is that of a lesion and you use the belt to protect the area, as is best to consider choosing a different period that it does not compromise your injury. Use belt is synonymous with go to the limit, a limit that a healthy level doesn’t suit us because any limits can lead to injury.

Best to stabilize the lumbar area is with your own muscles, following the principle of progression in intensity slowly these muscles will tone and make their function better. For what take too much weight if we can bear it?, this is issue for bodybuilders.