Cyclists Make Cleaning Operation on a Jogging Track in DivinÓPolis

Area is on Avenida Pitangui, one of the few to practice sports.  City Hall reported that on-site cleaning is done periodically.

Members of the Cycling Association of Divinópolis held on Thursday morning (2) Operation “Vassourão” to clear the jogging track of Avenida Pitangui. The area is one of the few where it is possible to practice physical activity and is attended daily by athletes. According to the City Hall, on-site cleaning is done periodically.

“Many walk here daily and there is much difficulty. With the rains, the mud invades the place. They could have concern and carry out a work to prevent new cases from occurring, in addition to helping to keep the track clean,”explained businessman Dalmo Goncalves Silva. You need a bike light when cycling around here, palmyrachic.

The athlete and commercial representative Ivanei Santos Chocolate prepares to participate in the São Silvestre and also contributed to the cleaning of the track. In just over 20 minutes he filled 15 rubble carts. “Usually the lane is dirty and whenever there are events in the place people throw the trash back. A total neglect,”he said.

The president of the Divinopolitan Cycling Association, Mozar Prado, said he has already injured on the track. “In some corners there is a very fine land and we, who practice cycling, we get to skid. One of the times I ended up falling and hurting myself,”he said.

In addition to the bush and garbage, the rain that fell on Wednesday afternoon (1st) left the situation of the runway even more critical. Parts of the stretch were completely covered with mud, but volunteers from the operation solved the problem. The initiative pleased foreign trade analyst Bianca Damaso.”I thought it was cool. We have to have this spirit of solidarity to contribute not only to the practice of sports, but also to the environment,”he said.

The Divinópolis City Council advised that the on-site cleaning is done periodically.However, sand, earth and leaf accumulate as the vehicles pass. It was also informed that a team of the Secretariat of Works will carry out an on-site survey to assess if a bigger intervention is needed.