Cyclist Challenges Car In Higienópolis

Driver wanted to walk by exclusive track for bikes inaugurated last month at the corner of Av. Angelica with Alameda Barros

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 1st, the occupant of a bicycle decided to fight for his rights of displacement. At the corner of Avenida Angelica and Alameda Barros, in Higienópolis, in the central region, where she passed an exclusive bikes route, she challenged a driver who insisted on passing the car through the place, which is prohibited, stopping in front of the vehicle.

The scene was recorded by the musician Sérgio Gonçalves, 28, who was passing by. “I’m not going to leave here, I’ll leave the bike here,” says the cyclist, standing in front of the car, which was circulating on the bike lane. The woman inside the car can not be seen in the video, but according to Gonçalves, her arms were crossed, as if she were provoking the cyclist.

At one point, the cyclist pulls out her cell phone and walks toward the driver to register her face.”I’m going to take a picture of the person,” says the cyclist. At that moment, the car starts to reverse and enters the next track, where you can turn cars.

“Either we learn in one way or learn from another,” says the cyclist, after the car leaves the bicycle lane, under the boos of pedestrians accompanying the protest.

“The woman in the car was coming out of the supermarket parking lot that she had there, and she preferred to stay on the bike lane instead of going to the car tracks. Then the cyclists, who were on the bike lane, signaled her to leave, which did not happen On the contrary, the driver stood with her arms crossed, with the car stopped, “says Goncalves, who is also a cyclist eventually.”I thought it was great to have bike paths, but there are selfish people, who want to stay in their cars, put their foot on the accelerator.”

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