Cycling Light Cup Closes Calendar

On November 22, the botafogo cove will be the stage of the most traditional competition in Rio De Janeiro.

One of the most beautiful postcards of Rio de Janeiro, the Botafogo Cove, will be the setting for the Cycling Light Cup. On November 22, the traditional cycling event, which reaches its eighth successful edition, will receive a record number of participants, delighted by the beauty and quality of the competition, which has the highest score in the national ranking.

In the Light Cup it is allowed registrations of professional, amateur and para-sport competitors, distributed in 24 categories. The start will be at 7:00 a.m. and will be distributed in all 15 thousand reais in prizes.

The competition is a project of the Do and the Connection Institute, the Rio Tour directors, in partnership with the Light Electricity Services concessionaire of the city of Rio de Janeiro, whose objective is to add, score, strengthen and give visibility to the national teams.

A big breakthrough for this edition is that athletes will pedal in support of the breast cancer awareness campaign-the October pink-and the prostate cancer awareness campaign-the blue November.

National cycling stars confirmed presence-Brazil’s top teams have already confirmed their participation and will be fighting to secure the last points in the national ranking of 2015.

Funvic Soul Cycles / Carrefour will bring its “elite troop” . Kleber Ramos, second place and the Brazilian with the highest place in the 2015 Rio Tour, João Marcelo Gaspar, Canibal, champion of the mountain category of the Tour of Rio de 2015 will fight for the Light Cup title. Who also promises to show its strength is Francisco Chamorro from São Paulo, current champion and defender of the title.

“For two months I’ve been working with the Light Cup as my goal. It’s a test that favors my sprinter on flat terrain. Therefore, I am very focused on this race, which is one of the most important of our calendar, “ said the defending champion, also highlighting the importance of his team.

“We have a very strong team with runners who can define the result in the squad’s escape, but if that is not possible, our goal is to take the race to set in the final sprint ,  he concluded.

The Taubaté Cycling Team, which has the first national ranking of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation in the Elite category, the São Francisco Saúde/Biosev Ribeirão Preto Team, the Santos Memorial team and the UFF cycling team, with Emerson Santos and Felipe Marques, winners of the second and third stages of Tour do Rio, respectively, also confirmed their presence.

About The Competition

The Cycling Light Cup is a circuit competition and the athletes will give a number of laps according to their category, being the largest of 20 laps (87.6 km) of the men’s Elite. The athletes will be divided into three starting batteries, the first being at 7:00 AM. The removal of the kit with the chip happens an hour earlier. Registration is open until the 18th. To find out more about the categories and start times, access the regulations.

In all, will be distributed R $ 15,000 in prizes for the main categories, in addition to trophies, for the top five placed of all categories and a kit unique to all participants. The Copa Light is a class 3 race in the national ranking of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (the highest category score).

For more information on the Cycling Light Cup, go to  the official Facebook page and the official website, vintagesfinder.