Cycling Leg Warmers Are Not Just a Fashion Accessory

Bicycle slips gradually found their place in the cycling equipment. Professional cyclists is used not only in winter but also the summer. When persuade one of their functionality, they will get your attention.


When driving in jersey with short sleeves and shorts you may encounter unexpected surprise cold weather. Then the cycling shoe covers arms and legs reliable helper. They are space-saving, so it is easy to hide in the bag, but also into his back pocket for cycling jerseys.

Their navlíkání is due to elastic Lycra quick and seamless. They are highly elastic but at the same time přispůsobí anatomy your hands and feet. How to ensure reliable protection against heat and cool your limbs. At their both ends located rubber portion. Rubber is used to make pads held in place and not slide during the ride.


Cycling leg warmers to wear only in winter. There are covers that you can use when it is warm but cooler weather. Covers, which are designed for summer cycling protect us from the fierce sun. Some contain special cooling component. In hot summer weather offers refreshment.

Cold weather during the spring and autumn cycling can annoy many a professional. Warm leg warmers equalize the temperature changes and your fitness you nothing will hinder. In addition, our joints susceptible to cold and can very easily get cold. Cycling leg warmers for colder weather also represent prevent these unpleasant burnt offerings.


Bicycle sleeves may not be hitting the eye. If you are an advocate of classical black, come into their own. Gaiters However, you can also tune the color cycling jerseys and kraťasům.

In addition to the classic black and white design with sleeves produced in the colors of cycling teams. Team cycling leg warmers can be a nice variegation cycling clothing, but also a good spůsobem demonstrate their sportsmanship.

If you’re a fan of the Tour de France, you will appreciate the covers of this series. Choose from puntíkových, green or yellow gauntlets.