Cycle Routes Do Not Reach the Peripheries of São Paulo

Residents of the extreme of the capital complain of the delay to include the neighborhoods in the plan of the Municipality

Less than 10% of the cycle paths implemented by Mayor Fernando Haddad (PT) are on the outskirts of São Paulo. According to the CET (Traffic Engineering Company), the exclusive spaces for the most distant bikes of Praça da Sé, zero point of the capital of São Paulo, are those of the Capela do Socorro and Interlagos, Zona Sul, and that of Avenida Eliseu de Almeida, West Zone. Together, the three are 5.1 kilometers long from a total of 78.3 kilometers implemented so far.

The fact that once again those who live far from the Center and the “richer” neighborhoods have been forgotten causes a complaint. DAILY was at two extremes of the city: Parelheiros, Zona Sul, and Guaianases, Zona Leste.

Thiago Gobi, 21, lives and works in Parelheiros. At the elbow, he was carrying a bruise caused after he was run over by a car while he was “biking.”

“I almost hurt myself no more. I had to jump off the bike in full motion. If I had not had that reaction, I might not be alive to tell that story,”he said.

Carlos de Oliveira, 38, owns a bicycle shop in Guaianases. On Sunday, two cyclists knocked on their doors after being hit by a car.

“The trampling was here near my shop. The hoops of the two bikes turned into an eight.Luckily, they were not hurt,”he recalled.

In the two cases described, in the opinion of Gobi and Oliveira, the presence of an exclusive route to cyclists could have avoided trampling.

Conservation / In Parelheiros, there is even a bike-building project, which is not directly linked to the project headed by the Municipal Transport Secretariat. The track, however, is all bumpy, has no specific signage and therefore there is no condition of use.

“Parelheiros is a neighborhood where people usually work and live. I myself, if I were employed and would get a job here, I would definitely go by bicycle. A bike path would help a lot,”said Caio Barbosa, 18.

According to the municipal government, the installation of the 400 kilometers of cycle routes promised by the end of 2015 will cost about R $ 80 million. According to the CET, each kilometer is budgeted at R $ 200 thousand.

Of the R $ 80 million, the Confema (Council of the Special Environment Fund) gave R $ 10 million to be spent later this year, informed the CET. Only the bike path on Avenida Paulista will cost R $ 15 million.

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