Courses for Cyclists

Are you wanting to learn to ride or to go one step further as an athlete in cycling? There are many groups of cyclists that offer services to help you who want to advance in their practices.

Courses for Cyclists

Created in 1993 by the architect carioca Paulo de Tarso Martins and são paulo marketing executive Reinaldo Ópice, the Sampa Bikers offers the Bike School. A school that offers courses for the cyclists and for those who want to learn to ride a bike. To hone their skills and ride with more security.

See the courses that they offer:

Basic course of Mountain Biking

The course has the objective of transmission techniques, skills and tips for your ride secure. As well as skills that involve the driving of the bike in every type of terrain. Technical training and learning the specific, balance, reflex, shift gears, use of brakes, controlled increase of the distance and everything that we find important for the cyclist to be able to participate safely and effectively in the sport.

Course Pedal Urban

The Course of Pedal Urban has as its main objective, to teach the rider to ride safely through the streets of the city.

Course on Basic Mechanics

The Course on Basic Mechanics of Sampa Bikers has as main goal, to teach the cyclist to make minor repairs and adjustments on the bike.

Basic course of MTB for Women

This course is for women who already know how to ride and want to start in the practice of mountain biking. For this course are required some special equipment. As bike a mountain bike with at least 21 gears with tires of the nails, helmet, gloves and glasses.

The courses of the Sampa Biker’s work in São Paulo. Through the site you may have information about the location, date, amount of classes and length. Look in your city, what is the best place to learn. For sure you will find more cyclists who are experienced and willing to teach!