Course Teaches to Do Preventive Maintenance and Minor Bicycle Repairs

School park tool has classes in são paulo, recife and belo horizonte and has already qualified more than 1,000 students since the beginning of 2013.

Increasingly, cycling has become a great option in large and small cities. Whether it is for day-to-day commuting or using leisurely cruising, it is easy to see that the bicycle market is booming – and the trend is to grow year by year. But not knowing how to properly maintain bikes can be a problem for amateur cyclists. This is where the Park Tool School qualification course comes in, which has trained more than 1,200 students since 2013.

The first three modules of the course are aimed at this: they teach cyclists to do the preventive maintenance of their own bicycle, as well as to enable it for minor repairs.During class, students will have an overview of various topics related to bicycle conservation – as well as putting their hands on the masses in services such as tire patch, chain patch, brakes and transmission settings.

“It works like a survival manual for the amateur cyclist. The idea is that cyclists take the course and have confidence to tinker with their bike when it is simple repairs. He will understand how bike mechanics work, how to clean properly, and this will even bring financial savings for him, “explains Henrique Zompero, founder of the Park Tool School in Brazil.

The economy that he refers to is the maintenance of the bike: learning how to do conservation in the correct way, the cyclist will reduce the need to exchange parts and accessories of the bike.

The first three modules have a workload of 35 hours – and all have open positions for 2014. The investment is from R $ 250.00 per module.

“Many people do not know how to use the bike properly, which is absolutely normal. Our course has simple language and will teach these people to do the preventive maintenance of the bike itself. So we say that the investment in the course can be saved in a relationship exchange,”Zompero adds.

The course –  The Brazilian Park Tool School is the first in Latin America. In addition to the focus on the cyclist, the course is also aimed at shopkeepers in the market and also for mechanics seeking professional enhancement. Park Tool is a world-renowned brand that develops bike-specific tools – and is synonymous with high quality.

In all, the school has eight teaching modules. In addition to the first three (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced), there are the specific ones for components of the bicycle: Ratio, Hydraulic Brake, Suspension, Wheel and Electronic Group Di2. Student approval numbers are impressive: more than 90% of students recommend the course.

In all modules, students who complete the course receive a certificate. One of the hallmarks of the Park Tool School is that upon finishing the course, the student receives a free support service via the site. How to maintain your bike, you can also connect automotiveqna.