Cosy Cycling

Bike culture: Jönköping is a cozy town, close to everything. While the bike is in the way on the very right cozy. But it is not only cozy romantic in John Bauer’s forests. There are also tough cycling in world class.

Cosy Cycling in Sweden

Yes, Jönköping is cozy. There is a nice town with beautiful historic buildings, the Match area, several green areas, and perhaps above all – the proximity of green areas. The kilometre-long sandy beach along the Lake Vättern is popular in the summer, and together with the city of Jönköping and almost Free gives the coastal form of feeling with all the water.

Most enchanting seems Jönköping-dwellers find that it is to spend late summer nights at “the pier”, this bridge into the Lake Vättern, which is lined with restaurants. It is no problem for hours to sit and admire the views over the water, listen to the boats that are bobbing in the foreground, and just enjoy the Swedish summer. But it’s not just the city that is cozy.Also the bike can probably in many respects be considered as cozy.

But to describe the range of fine cycling in Jönköping is difficult. Not that it is missing. The other way around. Precisely because there is so much. The city on the South shore of Lake Vättern literally teeming with cycling of mixed character; Road, mountain biking cross country and downhill. You name it. To be a city of Jönköping size must, above all, close to lovely areas of forest to be almost unique. Within a radius of just over half a mile from the city centre with bike spoke lights from, you can easily count to at least six high-class areas all of which offers its visitors a wonderful ride. Even fans of beautiful racer rounds will not be disappointed.

Here arises another problem with drawing a fair picture of cycling in Jönköping. Probably because it’s a luxury problem, but however, it is a problem. How many rounds, trails, fields and tough slopes you will take with you will always miss some nugget. Anyones favorite trail will be overlooked. Another’s lovely stretch of road where he or she spends every drumming, year after year, will be omitted. But we have some personal favorites that we just have to share.

Two leads, many gems

At IK Hakarpspojkarnas, IKHPs Club, cottage in Huskvarna starts two hiking trails. To the North is the John Bauer trail, which during its journey towards Gränna passes through the classic environment that gave birth to John Bauer’s amazing paintings. And the paintings corresponds well with reality. Bewitching is the word. It is almost waiting for the characters you remember from when you were a kid to look out from behind a tree. Usually they do not.

If you choose instead to go to the South is the Southern Vätterleden beginning. Along the trail, which is 70 kilometers long, is located several beautiful areas. Like pearls on a necklace is the single that just … pearls. Each with its own special character. And it is these we should concentrate on. While we are at IKHP the cottage so we’ll start there.

The first one is struck by the beautiful scenery. Hakarps nature reserve is located at the top of the slope surrounding the Huskvarna in the East, which gives a breathtaking view of the Jönköping area. And as many of the natural spaces on the East side of the city showing Hakarp up a vegetation consisting largely of deciduous trees. These seem to thrive well in the topsoil that is located here. But most of us also know what topsoil is for character traits.That’s right, it dries slowly after rain.

That is also the case in Jönköping which means that it often is rather muddy and wet. First forward late summer tends to be quite dry and nicely. The forest is in general quite dense and forms sometimes almost a landscape of tunnels that pleasantly enveloping winding single tracks, which alternately offers both varied technical and easy to run.

During the morning tours will be the extra beautiful when the first glimmers of light find their way through the dense foliage. High cosiness factor? Very much. But the area is a whimsical acquaintance who can deceive even the most experienced skier. Is it all for careless and blinded by all the mys-little boy, it’s easy to be led into ruin. It’s quite hilly, which many riders have a taste

Mountain bike Pro Emil Lindgren says:

-Courses at IKHP cottage are world class. Over the years they have become a bit redesigned and become even tougher. Overall, cycling in Jönköping can be the best. Here is everything-stone, roots and fast a little kinder. One tip is to try mountain biking track-six kilometres of varied cross country that is difficult to cycle itself measured on.

Risk of prohibition?

Södra Vätterleden continues South and passes after some kilometres, Bond Hill, with Öxnegården as a starting point. Here is a little kinder cycling, not as hilly and with a little less rock and roots and with pretty quick, easy trails. Perfect on days you just want to slide around and enjoy and escape the treacherous rocks. Unfortunately, not all equally beneficial to cycling here as the city’s bikers. Everyone I’ve talked to says that there are a lot of voices that are working for a total bike ban. Sad, but true, and something we can live with and manage in a good way. To show respect to all visitors is a natural feature of the bike tour.

The journey along the Southern Vätterleden goes ahead and we pass pretty soon A6 golf course. Slope looking down no more than a poor chip from the golf course is lined with roots and slippery and unreliable. A wonderful contrast to the well-dressed ladies and gentlemen only metres away, which often give a country look modern wonder against in the forest.

Having shaken off all eyes towards heaven Skinnersdal. To here using words like beautiful, would be to devalue the surroundings. Lovely is a better word and a much fairer description. Fantastic beech forest mixed with winding paths, fast downhill Alpine and some lovely gradients make the area worth a visit. There are also two short marked trails which are quite technical with a lot of roots.