Compound Exercises for Arms

Well-developed shoulders contributes to an athletic, strong and beautiful body. The function of the shafts is extremely important because it is moving your arms from the shoulders. Every superhero has tremendous striking shoulders, this is your chance to give yourself an approach Superman. Use the exercises given in a well-balanced exercise routine and you will see great results in time.

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This is an overview to help you build shoulder muscles. The exercises below are the axes are managed at all levels.Applying this knowledge to your training schedule and the results will definitely come through hard work. It is highly recommended to get the perfect technique exercises before increasing the weight. This will give better results and reduce the risk of injuries suffered greatly.

compound exercises

When the compound exerts a combination of muscles and joints will be used to perform the exercise. Compound exercises for the shoulders are very effective training for core stability and also provide progression to the secondary muscle groups.
Compound exercises are effective for the functionality of the body, and because of the many muscle groups involved relatively many calories are burned while performing these exercises.
Seated dumbbell shoulder press
Efficient for the front and middle axle heads. Using dumbbells can be a big “Range of motion”. This allows the shoulders to be used very effectively. Recognize the right technology to push the weights in a straight line upwards.
Shoulder presses behind the neck with a rod
This exercise has two sides. The first page is very positive, this exercise is very effective by the placement of the bar to develop mid humerus. After a few sets feel safe going to the pump and result. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to people with weaker rotor cuff can exercise this irritation, pain and even cause damage. This differs per person, your training partner can not stop you getting and maybe, here you have to get you back.
Militairy pressure
This is the most popular shoulder exercise. You stand up straight and rod pushes up from the height of the neck.Remember that weight in a straight line going up. Exercise is effective not only to let the front and middle axle heads grow, but also to strengthen the core. Heavier weight you will feel that the core is hard work to keep the body in balance.
Upright row
Upright row is very effective for the middle humerus. Moreover, the biceps, and the upper trapezius known as “traps” are used to perform the exercise. You need to figure out where you put prefer the hands on the bar, the closer the more biceps taxed together.
Face Pull
Face pull is an exercise that will train the main rear axles. The exercise need not be given a heavy form when too many other muscle groups take over and this goes on the more ‘cable lines “appear.

Insulating exercises

These exercises isolate the shaft heads, leaving hardly any other muscle groups. These exercises are good at the end of the exercise, or you do not want to wear out the other muscle groups.
Front hikes
Until increases focus on the front humerus. Remember to lift excessive weight in this exercise, and keep your torso still. This puts all the focus on the shoulder, and this work will be carried out most effectively.
The side hikes
Side raises the focus on the middle head. You can use the same tips that front raises.
Bent over raises
Bent over hikes focusing on the posterior humerus. It is important not to use too much weight because otherwise the trapezius take too much work. You will need to concentrate on the task to perform as focused as possible.


Knowing which exercises are most effective for you, you must look at your shoulders look. If the proportions are not right you have to work and have to train them, more to the lagging muscle groups.
Shoulder front head too much loaded during training the chest muscles, and the rear head with rowing movements of the back muscles. This should be taken to avoid overload.
Each person is unique and will need a different training schedule. What is of great importance, is to carry out the exercises perfectly and be patient. Shafts will not after a week like a superhero, but over time can work hard, eat well and get enough rest to develop the shoulders very well.