College Project Encourages Bicycle Use

Meet the Fatec Bike Tour, an initiative aimed at promoting the use of the  bicycle as a means of transportation.

For the 3rd year, Fatec de Osasco performs the Fatec Bike Tour, a cycle tour in which  the students and the community go cycling through the cities of Osasco and São Paulo.Through  the implementation of the tour, in addition to practicing physical exercises, the students propose  to make society aware of the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation. The event’s mission is to disseminate the use of bicycles as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation  and also to reconcile sustainability, health and social concern.

The initiative aims to bring together 15,000 cyclists by pedaling within 5 years.

The principle of the project is to fight for the rights of the cyclist in the city of São Paulo and  throughout Brazil, as well as to promote lectures, tours and awareness about the benefits that cycling can offer to health. How to participate?

Participation in the event is open to the whole community. This year, an estimated  1,000 cyclists are expected. To participate you must register using a specific form, and when registering, the articipante already guarantees the right to a Fatec Bike Tour kit, consisting  of a T-shirt, squeeze, key chain and a bag. It is anticipated that for this year, the project directors will be able to also include a helmet in the event kit.

Everyone has a bicycle or not, they can participate, because the organization offers two types of registration: without renting the bike or renting the bike for  the ride. During the trip, to ensure the safety of all, participants are accompanied  by experienced cyclists, organizers who signal the route, and a support car.

Concurrently with the event, there are other initiatives such as  donations to local institutions, game / event development and the Miss Fatec competition.

Brands such as Red Bull have been present in previous editions of the Fatec Bike Tour distributing samples of their products, seafordecommerce. There were also raffles and raffles of  bicycles.