Coat for Refugees Doubles as Sleeping Bag

This is an invention that will not solve the migration crisis in Europe, but which could, however, allow refugees to live a slightly better everyday life. In the United Kingdom, the Royal College of Art students worked on difficult travel conditions faced by these refugees, who faced such weather. In order to solve this problem, these students have created a concept of coat that turns into a sleeping bag.

Once fully unfolded, the coat becomes a trapezoid surmounted of two cones carved out of Tyvek, a synthetic material for water resistant and especially waterproof sleeping bags. A layer of Mylar also composed the garment and acted of insulation. In short, this sleeping bag coat is a concentrated technology that will protect the refugees from the rain, while offering them the advantage of being light.Inspired by origami, the coat turns into a few moments in a tent with plastic rods. It can accommodate an adult and a young child. Pockets were also sewn on the inside to allow the refugees to keep their property. This version is only a prototype funded by the London Fashion Wall, and is intended to be used by humanitarian associations by next spring. The garment should also, in the near future, be offered for purchase to the general public, especially during festivals of music for example. The draft was submitted on Kickstarter, and students hope to raise not less than 300,000 pounds to carry it through.