Climbing Stairs “Life Saver”

As we have always said, it is always best to do nothing. But a new study has found more benefits than we imagined in that “some activity” which can be represented by climbing stairs.

In an attempt to combat the sedentary lifestyle without too much cost or effort, one of the recommended activities is leaving the elevator and experience the ride down stairs.

This small exercise that for us it may mean only “some of activity” has been shown in recent research, that can be a real Lifeguard.

Assessed people were sedentary, i.e. performed less than 2 hours of exercise a week and less than 10 climbs of stairs per day.

After say goodbye to the elevator for 12 weeks, individuals increased the use of stairs to an average of 23 climbs and descents daily, which significantly affected in their physical form.

Up and down stairs, It allowed to increase people’s ability levels and thus, improve your physical condition.

Knowing that the improvement in the aerobic capacity It reduces the risk of death from any cause by 15%, up and down stairs could be an effective life-saving.

In addition, persons who have left the elevator decreased its circumference of waist, their % body fat, their levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, all of which implies a lower cardiovascular risk Thanks to the exercise easy and economical to use the stairs.

While data require confirmation in a larger study, I consider that a small change in our lives may cause great benefits when it’s increasing levels of physical activity and combat the sedentary lifestyle, because this lies in a better overall physical form that impact on our quality of life and health.

Moral: it does high kill in the gym to live longer and better, but the life we need may be within our reach. We just need to take it.