Christmas Gift Ideas for Fishermen

With the arrival of Christmas, we are all facing the ritual to find the original gift idea. When it comes to find an original gift to a fisherman, it is even more difficult.

Usually, the fisherman himself buys its equipment or else we already offered him all the accessories necessary for the practice of his passion.

In these conditions, it is difficult to surprise him year after year. However, it is possible to surprise him with some original gift ideas Christmas around the theme of fishing.

Original Christmas gifts ideas for all

We conducted this exercise difficult, but not impossible! If you’re stuck for inspiration, the result of our thinking can help you complete your gift lists as well for children than for adults.

Our 5 gift ideas for kids at Christmas

For the fishermen, we preferred practical and fun gift ideas so as to reconcile the utility with pleasure. It’s an opportunity for them to awaken to fishing while developing their cognitive abilities.

N ° 1 – the fishing ducks, memories!

Fishing for ducks that speaks to you? This popular game in fairs is now available to the general public.

Duck fishing is a fun and cool game for children (ideally from 3 years). They learn to fish the ducks on a closed course. They can show their address by catching ducks. A gift that they necessarily please!

N ° 2-my first fishing Haba, introduction to fishing

The Haba my first fishing game is a board game for children (from 4 years). This game helps develop some capabilities for fishing. For example, this game will help your child develop his coordination between his hand and his eyes. This game will also develop concentration skills.

And more, this fun game will help to introduce your child to the basic rules of Board Games. A must have that will delight your children.

N ° 3 – real fishing paradise 3D or how to fish the winter!

If fishing in the winter put off your child, this game is perfect as a gift idea. This game is aimed at older children (ideally from 8 years). Real fishing paradise 3D is a game for the 3DS handheld console.

Fishing games are rare on consoles. Good fishing games are even rarer. This fishing game will allow your child to hone his skills as a fisherman. This game has different places of fishing to catch different varieties of fish. A perfect game to wait before the arrival of spring!

N ° 4 – binoculars for children to discover nature

A fun Christmas gift with binoculars for children. These binoculars are rigid rubber which is suitable for children.

These binoculars will allow your child to develop his sense of observation necessary to any fisherman!

N ° 5 – Kit fishing for children, a good excuse to start fishing

The best way to start fishing with what it takes to go fishing with your family.

This fishing kit is perfect for children. It includes all the basic equipment and essential for the beginner angler.

This fishing kit contains 1 cane fishing, 1 reel, some already mounted lines, a few hooks and 1 Auger. To be born a new passion!

Our 7 for great Christmas gift ideas

With these 7 ideas, we favoured original gifts both practical and useful for fishermen or fishing enthusiasts.

N ° 1 – Mini portable coffeemaker, espresso taste everywhere

A mini portable espresso that makes good coffee. She works in the same way as Italian coffeemakers.

It is supplied with its small cup. An original gift for anglers who will be able to enjoy a good coffee in the bivouac in the meantime carp bite the bait.

N ° 2 – a hammock, simple and convenient to use

A hammock easy and convenient to use with its collapsible frame. An original gift for the carp, who can take his NAP even without trees nearby. Hey Yes, this hammock didn’t need to be attached to the trees to be used. A Christmas present smart and convenient for fishermen.

The combination of the mini coffee maker and the hammock: the royal duo for any network. Indeed, what’s better than a good coffee while waiting for the carp, comfortably installed?

N ° 3 – flange fish, your favorite drink always at hand

An original flask-shaped fish with its screw cap.

A utensil to the rigors of winter fishing.

N ° 4 – Razor Pocket USB, shaved almost in all circumstances

Finished the enduros where the fisherman looks like Robinson Crusoe. With this Pocket razor, the fisherman will be shaved close even at the water’s edge.

The razor recharges through a USB port. New technologies take care of the style of the modern fisherman!

N ° 5 – the mosquito net, ultimate defense against insects

Still a smart gift for the fisherman! He can use this mosquito net with the hammock to face the mosquitoes that abound in the summer.

A gift very practice especially for anglers who can use this mosquito net with their bivouac for fisheries in enduro.

N ° 6-the fur hat, a prop stylish for fishing

This hat will allow the fisherman to protect his head from the cold and so to avoid losing body heat.

It will also be the style with this pattern typical red tartan of the Canada.

N ° 7 – night vision binoculars, a high-tech accessory

A pair of binoculars of night vision goggles for night like the CARP fishermen. This light and compact pair of binoculars will help the fisherman in his travels overnight.

A high-tech gift to be reserved mainly for anglers who regularly fish at night.

Find original gift ideas for fishermen at Christmas is not an easy task. We hope that this list will inspire you in your search for gifts for Christmas.

With these words, we wish you a beautiful holiday season of end of the year 2016!