Choosing Hiking Sleeping Bags

  • There are no miracle solutions because each will depend on:

    – the destination

    – Personal needs

    – Requirements in terms of comfort

    Light hiking allows to consider some other inaccessible locations. Go for 15 days in total autonomy without refueling is not possible except by optimizing its maximum bag.


    Others see an undeniable comfort. It does not work the same way with a 10kg or 18kg bag. Lighten his bag requires the effort to ask what is necessary or not.

    The notion of comfort is subjective. Everyone has different personal needs. Easing her bag does not mean that we must cut corners on safety on the contrary.

    Why should I reduce my sleeping bag if I do not wear my stuff?

    In many rides you will be accompanied by porters or animals (mules, camels, llamas, yaks …). Depending on the country, there is legislation limiting the weight carrier. Unfortunately, these laws do not exist everywhere or are not enforced. Alleviate a bag can be a good initiative to preserve the health of the carriers.

    We try to educate travelers maximum not to exceed 15kg load. You will understand that it is impossible for us to check the weight of each bag and that’s why we call to your sensitivity to understand that certain non-essential elements harmful to the health of the carriers.

    And you why you practice light hiking?

    From my early walks, I did not like carrying my backpack. I quickly thought we should lighten. Lighten my bag allows me to walk fast with great freedom of movement or run without being handicapped. I find it nice to feel light and not have sore shoulders at the end of the day. I started to lighten my sleeping bag and my tent and gradually I optimized all elements of my backpack. I never felt lost my comfort. This I find it in my journey. For me, the discomfort of the roof is to wear things I do not use it. Each item in my bag must have a real utility.

    Equipment for Aconcagua:

    The ascent of Aconcagua can be done particularly in difficult conditions because of the wind. This non-technical climb requires good physical and psychological condition. Temperatures can be very low (-25 ° C) to the camps above 5000m. The strong winds are an additional constraint. Sleeping bags for very low temperatures are an expensive investment.

    For this type of ascension sleeping bags with a minimum of -15 ° C comfort temperature is advised.

    duvets selection adapted:


    The jacket will help keep you warm in the camp and the day of the ascent.

    A big down jacket is recommended.

    At Triple Zero Ukerdi the models 400 or 500 Ukerdi be a good choice.

    A lighter jacket may be appropriate if the conditions are mild. You choose but in case of storm or accident warmer jacket to save your life.

    Equipment altitude trek in Cordillera (<5000m)

    Season: May / June to September

    In Cordillera weather conditions are mild dry season. There is almost never bad weather. Temperatures are cooler at night.

    Sleeping bag :

    A temperature of -10 ° C is recommended.

    down sleeping bag: