Chess Boxing Sport

Train. Good for the body. But a mental exercise can also tempt you. These two obviously go together. Or do they? The Dutchman IEPE Rubingh combined his love of sports and mind games and came up with a new sport of chess boxing. In chess boxing you must be a jack of all trades and furthermore good condition even longer to think well, what when you suffer from a decent stroke, can sometimes be a problem.


The Dutchman IEPE Rubingh came up with the idea to combine make-and-martial. According to him, he got the idea from reading the comics of the Czech-Bosnian cartoonist Enki Bilal, whose style is characterized by surreal colors. The first official chess boxing match held in 2003 in Berlin, where IEPE Rubingh in the boxing ring came under his name IEPE Joker, the lawyer?? ?? the pen name of a lawyer from Amsterdam. Since then, the popularity of this relatively unknown sport has grown enormously and is WCBO set up to get a more prominent place. Although the famous Gary Kasparov is in contact with WCBO. The idea of ​​combining the two sports in itself is not surprising when you consider that there are some high-level boxers to prepare for an important tournament like chess to increase their concentration.

The competition

Each chess boxing match consists of 11 rounds. The race begins with a round of chess, after the pattern of the blitz, where you compete no more than 12 minutes thinking at your disposal.
A chess round lasts three minutes, after which there will be three minutes framed.
A match is won by putting a knockout or checkmate the opponent. If an opponent expires, he is disqualified and the match is over. In the event that there is no clear winner, the jury makes the decision, just like boxing.

A mixture of strength, insight and strategy

Chess boxing is a particular combination of two very different skills. When chess boxing you have to constantly convert button and the highly concentrated continue. In boxing there is force, violence and adrenaline, but three minutes later, you yourself completely closed to concentrate on the next important move to put your opponent’s king checkmate.
It is not yet known many sports, both physical and mental abilities directly informed the test as in chess boxing.

A judgment of a conqueror

Leonid Chernobaev, world light heavyweight said about?? Sometimes victory within reach, but the bell sounds and suddenly I occupy me to attack my queen. It’s tough. The point is that I keep everything under control. I fight with his fists, but must always keep a cool head.


As with the normal boxing, there are also talking about different categories and is now the World Cup is organized in all the different classes.

  • The different categories are:
  • Thick, more than 90 kg
  • Light Heavy 80-90 kg
  • Medium weight 70-80 kg
  • Low weight in kg 70th

Rules of conduct

As with the normal boxing, it is a requirement that a doctor present at each game that needs to monitor the health of the boxes. To take part in a fight, you must be at least 18 but under 13, you can start exercising. Chess boxing is both for women and men as possible.