Caruaru Cyclist Lost 67 Kg Pedaling

With all this wave of sustainability, the number of people who are adapted from bicycles and cycling as a sport is increasing. In Caruaru, in about two years, some free pedal groups come together for the practice of this sport, which contributes greatly to the quality of life. According to experts, pedaling, as aerobic activity, generates weight loss, helps balance blood pressure and triglyceride levels. It also works on balance and confidence, as well as relaxing and fighting stress.

According to Vagner Rodrigues, a member of the city’s free pedal groups, there are currently about 300 members practicing the sport. “The level of the group from the simple pedaling to the level of radical sports where we do night trails of closed forest are about 50 members,” he said.

A novelty that brought one more option to practice cycling was the implantation, through the City of Caruaru, of the cycle track. The group celebrates the arrival of space. “We were very happy with this achievement, because the city and the inhabitants were not accustomed to the conviviality with bicycles and this space brings a place of leisure for every citizen even if it is for Sundays and holidays,” he emphasized.

Although a good idea, the rider alerts to some things that need to be adjusted. “The city needs to adjust, even for the fact that the bicycle is not only used as a sport, but also as a means of transportation for thousands of Caruaruans. You need something that in several cities exist, which are the bike paths.”

According to Vagner, fixed stretches are necessary for the mobility of those who travel by bicycle through the city.”Another measure would be the awareness of drivers who do not respect cyclists. They sometimes forget that there is a human being, a family man.”

Vagner still highlights how much pedaling does well, he lost in 9 months, 67 pounds, from a good diet allied to the practice of pedaling.

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