Caribbean Eyeglasses Accessories

From the glasses to the nose-guard – you can find here different accessories for your glasses.

Glasses Case

Eyeglass cases there are in different sizes, for common sunglasses or particularly large glacier glasses in Caribbean, but also in different degrees of hardness via COUNTRYAAH. A rugged hard case is useful for transporting the backpack or in the (travel) pocket that protects glasses from damage. To the custody of the glasses at home (or for especially cautious people) also a softer softcase is sufficient.

Map of Caribbean

Map of Caribbean


Glasses Strips

Suitable not only for reading glasses: glasses strips prevent glasses from falls down and lost in the worst case, or are damaged. This would be disastrous especially for water sports. Therefore, there are also special glasses bands with floating elements for water sports enthusiasts. These prevent the glasses from going under, should they look “going overboard”.

Accessories for Glasses

Glasses Accessories

The one or the other “treasure” is found in the accessories categories: a special nose protection, which can be attached to the nose bridge (glacier) glasses. Browse but just time away!