Canon 40 Sleeping Bag

“Hats off, “what an innovation that is excellent”, really”

All manufacturers are renewing their range of sleeping with sometimes small new bags, but this year the mark Nemo equipment really created the bag of the years to come.

Besides, I’m not the only one to have noticed since this bag comes to receive the award of the “product of the year” awarded by the National Geographic.

Let us look at this sleeping bag, the Canon-40.

The – 40 means:- 40 ° C, I’ll come back. But before, let’s look at the innovations that seem the most interesting.
I’ll let you watch the model below, and you’ll quickly understand:

It is firstly a sleeping bag large cold with a beautiful quality of down.

But what interests me the most :

  • a central zipper, which makes easy use, finished the contortions to open its down.
  • 2 openings to get out the arms (that is the top) to eat or catch something without having to open all…
  • 1 system to be able to regulate the temperature in the bag. Which avoids getting too hot when the weather is not extreme
  • This small tunnel at the level of the neck, called: col ‘Stope Pipe’. He is isolated in Primaloft: synthetic fibers providing better resistance to moisture than goose down. This pass allows to totally cut the flow of cold air.
  • At the level of the feet, a well thought out design: a mixture of feather and synthetic insulation, which allows to avoid pockets of cold air at the bottom of the sleeping bag.I think you’ve all experienced this ;-).

I detail you not all the small innovative things that the bag is full, I focused on the most important.

In images:

Just a small problem, he should decline into something else that -40 ° C, it very much limits its use. The same concept to-10 ° C and -15 ° C, and there, I sign immediately.

Of course, some will be scared off by the price, it still takes in the1099.

Yes, it’s true, but if you really need it’ll have to invest. You can’t really make the economy of a bag in this style when temperatures are around – 40 ° c….

To order in France, you go directly to Nordic adventure.

You can also find more information on the site of the mark Nemo equipment.