Can You Do Squats Anyone?

The answer is no, we have seen at HowStuffWorks that squats can be a potentially dangerous for the knee and spine exercise, especially in people who have had an injury in these areas, in advanced age groups and those who are initiated into the world of the gym.

The squat involves much of the musculature of the undercarriage, so If the technique is not good or the little force posture desequilibros may occur When doing the exercise, which will be a risk factor for injury.

The first thing you should do a person with knee or spine injury is consult your doctor and/or physical therapist to see what exercise routine is the most appropriate for their rehabilitation. If the squats are within this routine of rehabilitation have to be very clear how to do the exercise and at what intensity to not aggravate the situation.

Rookie gym has previous duties before you start with the squat. The first thing is to tone up and increase the strength of its undercarriage through simple exercises that do not involve risk. Prepared once your muscles before doing squats like a crazy what is convenient is to learn the technique correctly, so the most appropriate is to start making it weightless or a Pike between the shoulders to simulate the haltère and gradually add weight. Do the squats in front of a mirror helps to debug you technique and correct errors.

Recall that the haltère is placed in the upper part of the column, and the strong part or base is the lumbar region, so a correct alignment is essential in this exercise. As well as an optimal choice of intensity. Too much weight can wreak havoc on the intervertebral discs, cartilage and meniscal tear articular.

Not to say that the squats are a very dangerous exercise and that must be Shun in the gym, but if that is true that a bad placement support, column or a bad gesture makes that the injury may be more rapid and severe that to perform another type of exercise of the undercarriage.

What is always recommended in the rooms of fitness and gyms is that if it is to perform this exercise with some load, is always under the help of a couple of companions or in a cage so that before any mishap we avoid greater evils.