Camping for Beginners

Long weekend coming up, friends invited him to camp and you have no idea how to prepare because it is your first time. Don’t worry, there is no mystery. A bit of organization and planning can make your first experience very pleasant. Check out some essential tips for camping for the first time.

First of all, obtain as much information about the conditions and the place where you’re going: it’s hot? Cold? Near the beach? In the mountains? You will driveor have to carry your gear to the location of the camping? How many days will you stay there? You will make your own food or have any nearby location that provides power? Has mosquito? This information is fundamental for defining the equipment and accessories you will need. And today, in times of Internet, it is very easy to do a basic search on the destination of your trip.


Tentessential Item of camping. Is inclusive, that characterizes it. According to where you’re going camping you will choose the most appropriate tent type. For example, if you go by car to the location of the camp you won’t have to worry about the weight, you can choose a higher, more comfortably. However, if you load it in the back, the better a small tent with aluminum fiber frames, much lighter material. On our website we have tips on more tents suitable for Brazil and about choosing a location to mount the tent. The Trails provide options for Courses& different needs.
Lighting inside a tent is not like in our House, lacks electricity, so don’t forget to bring a flashlight, even if it has light in your campground. Is a key item for those who will sleep in tents. See our recommendations on lanterns and the options offered to lighting.
To sleep thermal insulator and sleeping bag are essentials for a good night’s rest. If the room is cold, you will need a more technical bag and that support low temperatures. If camping on the beach, for example, a bag of summer will resolve your problem. Here’s how to choose a sleeping bag in our site. On the insulators, learn why it is fundamental and see our options.
If you are making your own food, you need a stove and pots, besides the food,of course. Look for foods that Cook faster or pre-cooked. This will greatly facilitate the your life. If the room is cold, don’t forget to bring something hot to drinkas a tea or chocolate milk. A hot water will resolve your problem. Take snacks easy and you don’t need cooling to eat throughout the day, as cereal bar, cookies, chocolate, nuts, dried fruits … Take snacks strengthened and just make a meal at the end of the day, so you better enjoy the ride. A good breakfast is key to facing a day with many activities. Check out in detail our power tips for your camp.
Check if the location where you will camp has water. If it is a camping area with infrastructure (toilet, sink, etc …) much better. You need to be concerned with only water to drink. It’s always nice to take water purifiers, like clorin, easily found in pharmacies. If it’s a wild camping, if you notify if there are river around or ifyou will need something to store water for bathing and for washing utensils, for example. And use biodegradable SOAP, as the neutral or, to wash their utensils.The environment need not suffer with your presence.
Bathroomif you are camping in the Woods, without infrastructure, we recommend taking a small shovel to facilitate your life and keep your conscious and eco-friendly stance. It will be used to make a hole in the floor, do your needs, put your dirty toilet paper and then capping. In addition to leave no smell, no danger ofanyone stepping and speeds decomposition.
To wear appropriate clothes – take place to where you’re going. If cold, light coats. If hot, fresh clothing. See our tips for choosing your travel clothes. But regardless of location, always take an anorak for rain. Is a key item and Trails & Directions offers some options. Especially here in Brazil, it’s very easy to rain in the summer.
Backpackkey Item to carry all your gear, especially if you have to load them. Each suggests a different kind of Backpack: If you’re going to drive to the location of the camping, the most important is a small backpack for day trips. If you’re going to walk with everything on the back, a good service will give you peace and comfort for walking.
Complementary accessoriesSome items can help you ensure your comfort, regardless of the place of camping: insect repellent, sunscreen, canteen, flashlight and a knife (Swiss type, with several utilities).
If you are a person and want to explore further, there are several books that deal with the topic, some available for purchase on the website of Trails & Directions.
Above all, remember that camping is not an adventure. May be an option and lifestyle. With the appropriate accessories you can have comfort and safety to your ride becomes unforgettable. Not the hassles that you spent, but rather for the pleasure and close contact with nature provided by the Act of camping.