Buy Sleeping Bag

Second episode of this series ‘stuff’ with today, the choice of the BAG OF SLEEPING!

The problem of this trip, it is winter!

Kathmandu, no worries, for example temperatures of today went from + 6 to + 20 ° C, so nothing very disturbing. But at the Everest base camp (easily accessible by paths of trecks) it was-10 to-28 ° C!

While in the end, they are only 100 kilometres as the crow flies and almost on the same latitude.

You may have guessed, temperatures vary VERY quickly from one point to another and usually depending on the altitude at which there are.

My criteria were: a very versatile, if possible sleeping bag light and having at least a hint of survival at-20 ° C.

Judging from a quick comparative, I immediately looked for the Tundra model in synthetic, which seemed to bea much better value than all other sleeping bags made of waterproof materials.

But when I get to the store, it was more my size. T_T
If you make an order, the seller is not sure that I received before I left. Dilemma, buy another model or wait and take a risk?

In the end, I am guided by the advice of the seller, when suddenly he asked me a question:

– But you have a lot of room in your backpack?
-UH… Yes… well no, not much, why?
-Here’s a synthetic bag compressed and… wait, that’s a bag compressed down.

I had kind of forgotten a parameter.
Swing 900 done 11 litres compressed so that the Tundra actually 32!

Neither one nor two, I bought the 900 Swing, the other would not even back in my bag. =/
And I have completed everything with a meat fleece bag, which saves between 5 and 10°, to add to the difficult conditions.