Boy Buys Coins for 6 Months and Buys First Bike

He even collected the coins for the change of bread, said his father, alan rodrigues. it is the second time that the boy saves the money to realize a dream.

Luiz Fernando Nunes Rodrigues, 7, showed that financial planning is not old. Since September 2015, the boy has collected every cent he has earned to buy, after six months of economy, his first bicycle.

The boy attends the second year of elementary school in a public school in Teresina.Certainly, the boy kept coins and the buck that he earned on special dates like Christmas.”He even collected the remaining coins from the bread. Everything was stored in the box that served as a safe, “said his father, Alan Rodrigues.

It was six months of savings. Until that Monday (7), Luiz Fernando reached the total of $ 125 and bought the bike of the model he always dreamed of. The figure is low, but it shows how a boy, who has never heard of personal finances, managed to buy a bicycle.”He never heard that word in school, but he saw in our house our difficulty in acquiring things. So he did not even ask us for gifts. His mother and I always encourage him to raise money to get something he wants, “he said.

Proud of the son made, Dad posted on his Facebook profile a photo of the boy on the new bike and commented the attitude. “The joy of buying the first cycle … that’s right, buy it. Several months putting together his ‘rich buck’, as the Woodpecker would say, to have his long-awaited Ben 10 bike. #Pride, “he posted.

An internet surfer praised the boy’s parents for their upbringing and education. “I think that’s cool. The child learns to give more importance to his things and understands the value of money. Congratulations to you and your wife for the education “he wrote.

Still according to the father, this is the second time that the boy saves the money to realize a dream. “In July 2015, to celebrate the birthday with the cousins ​​in a shopping mall in the capital, my son spent the year put together money. He paid the tickets for the cousins ​​to play and still paid everyone’s snack. This boy gives us a lot of pride, “concluded his father.

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