Bontrager Serano RL Saddle Review

The bicycle saddle Bontrager RL Serano raises the bar high on its performance level, including with respect to leading brands. Especially at € 99, ​​the asking price is in the lower range models to the high end.

Bontrager has a wide range of stools, from model-oriented bucolic stroll to that provided for the short-distance competition supporting narrow buttocks and well trained. As part of the test specimen, called Serano RL, rather it is the versatility that is sought with a “Cyclo target”. While choosing a saddle rest staff, Serano RL certainly suitable for a wide range of users.

The saddle has been all uses and outrages associated with extensive use: it was used in a first time on a road bike to align kilometers while the heyday of a powerful ATV today. What have enough perspective on performance and comfort.

Amid a broad range of stools in Bontrager

According to Bontrager, the Serano RL located in the range “Aggressive” manufacturer. The term used is perhaps not appropriate as it could scare away practitioners for whom the clock is irrelevant or those who have a position on the sports bike while remaining comfortable. While this is good for their saddle!

However, to ensure the most appropriate model to its range, the American manufacturer uses an ingenious method the InForm BioDynamics that determines a category and a saddle of choice depending on the posture of the cyclist on the saddle, the optimization of the pressure on the saddle and the width measured on the cyclist between the ischial tuberosities.

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Then stand ranges bike saddles 5:

  1. Relaxation,
  2. Fitness,
  3. Performance,
  4. Aggressive,

Of these, regular churchgoers road cycling will look to the last 3 position “Aerodynamics” however, is reserved for clock or triathlon bikes. Schematically, within each range are several models.

As part of testing and much more empirically, is the resemblance to the Prologo Scratch and looking for comfort over long distances, which guided the choice. The Serrano RL is available in three widths 128, 138 and 148 mm depending on the width of the basin. Here, in the present case of 138 mm, are more habits related to twenty years of practice which have fixed width.

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A model that deserves to be known

With 217 g measured on the scale, the RL Serano was not ashamed of her weight. Reported to its size, and its target price is rather well placed. Hunters grams, those looking for a clean aesthetic might turn away but it would be a shame not to consider the compromise offered.

This is confirmed by the use of this model for many professionals in the Trek Factory Racing Team: they do not really have a choice to make, they have the opportunity to draw from the many models available.

Dossier: Bicycle Seat: rider comfort comes first!

Regardless of ischia width test, with 138 mm width tested here is in standard sport models for medium width basins. 2 full seasons it is possible to consider that this Serano RL suffered the equivalent of more than 20,000 km of road bike. At this stage, many models are “past”, tend to widen at the shell when this is not the foam that is cracked or just collapsed.

None of that here: the shell, yet nylon, has little suffered the onslaught of kilometers. The foam is like the first day. Only the pure white color was somewhat tarnished. But it is characteristic of most white stools.

A good companion

Over the out, Serano RL has proved an ideal companion to align kilometers without pain or hurt the perineum.With a round in the standard at the crescent, a “hollow middle”, a medium density foam, as well as the stiffness of the hull, the saddle is thus shown a high level of comfort. For it is precisely the compromise offered here seems perfectly measured, instead of a saddle very typical that only a small fringe should cyclists.

Nevertheless, the choice of a bike saddle rest staff but the type of comfort offered clear that this model should suit most cyclists, ranging from high-level cyclist until well trained cycling.

Certainly the InForm  BioDynamics will finally decide on the exact choice (model width) but the probability you fall on Serano RL 138 mm is quite strong, as long as you pass a certain annual mileage and you are not or less close to your ideal weight.

And with its internal reference system of choice among a wide range, the risk of error is minimal. A boon when the tough choice of a saddle has long been more on reputation than on physical criteria.