Body Lives, a Full Activity to Keep Fit at Any Age

The guided activities increasingly, they seek to adapt to the needs and preferences of users. In this way, as it is the case with the market in general, accomplished in the world supply of the fitness is varied and massive.

Body lives a new directed activity consisting in the physical training of low impact allowing, in particular, capture the population of senior citizens to exercise safely.

A typical kind of Body lives starts with a warming simple which is followed by cyclic block of exercises several that are designed to achieve a good cardiovascular condition and functional strength without being a strenuous activity.

Coming to the end, is a block of invigorating exercise and stretching to culminate the class which has an approximate duration of 60 minutes.

Activities are developed in groups or individually and they used tools such as elastic bands y balls, whose versatility allows to exercise the body through different modalities.

Of course, the exercise is accompanied by music that varies their pace and speed according to the planned activities.

The Body lives is ideal for those who are newly initiated into the world of physical activity and want to get your body into shape progressively. In addition, to be an activity that allows burn calories and control the intensity of your workouts with a low impact, is a good choice for individuals with much excess weight that can not overload your joints or low fitness.

Above all, the Body lives is emerging as an activity for people over 45 years wishing to exercise and keep the physical form without too much impact.

The great variety of styles and activities today in day are offered in the gym only allow me to see a utility: vary the workouts, alternate activities and, finally, be able to choose the class according to the preferences and objectives of that day in particular.

Without a doubt, the activities are many, but their differences are in the pace, intensity and the dynamics of the classes that enable you to capture different audiences for each of them.

I see no wrong this variety of offers, provided, it will capture a greater portion of the population and insert it into the world of movement to abandon the sedentary lifestyle.