Bivouac Sleeping Bag

The Sonic 15 from Nemo is a lightweight sleeping bag, breathable and very comfortable 850 CUIN certified EN 13537 down. Beyond being lightweight and warm, the Sonic is a bag to the multiple innovations.

The main lies in its ability to regulate the interior temperature thanks to the “Thermo Gills™. These are two zippered openings on the chest who once open and allow the evacuation of the warmth of the bag when you get too warm without penetrating the cold outside air.

The vertical construction of partitions, Insotect Flow, at the level of the chest standardizes the distribution of down for insulation perfect without thermal bridges. The area of the knees is built in stretch and horizontal partitions to bend the knees, sleep on your side or sit in tailor easily but without loss of heat.

The very enveloping hood is lined with an oversized collar, attached by velcro to completely block the cold at the neck.

The bag is contoured to the hips and then straight up the Foot Box to offer a comfortable volume. OffBeat and stocked for an effective thermal seal zipper does not let through the cold.

OSMO sleeping bag has a treatment water repellent durable and a highly breathable camping fabrics so that the condensation that often results from the proximity to the wall of the tent come moisten it.

You can see the Sonic represents a major step forward in the field of sleeping bags and suit the most demanding hikers.

Size of the sleeping bag: Regular or Long, your choice.