Bike Ride Will Light Up the Night In Sao Paulo

A different bike ride aims to bring more light to the city of São Paulo: is the “Bike Lit”, which will distribute safety lights in LED form for participants. The action is part of the international campaign “Light the Way”, an event to press world leaders to the signing of the global goals to fight poverty, inequality and climate change.

The bike lighting are coupled to the air nozzles of bikes and tires will be delivered free of charge up to 170 cyclists, so get there early!  Participants will also receive colorful balloons helium gas to put on the bike during the ride. The balloons will have 17 sustainable development goals defended by the campaign.

The activity starts at 5:30 pm, in the Largo da Batata (subway Faria Lima), with the registration and distribution of accessories. At the same time an activity of Yoga with bike will contribute to the preparation of cyclists.

At 7:00 pm, after circulating heating and illuminating the entire area occupied by the activities promoted by ABONG on Largo da Batata, the group will tour the bike lane of avenida Faria Lima. Pimp my Cart movement will also be present and the wagons of the scavengers are also illuminated.

“The Bike Lit intends to contribute to the gameficação of cities through the fun associated with urban mobility,” says Diego Gako, articulator in Changes of heart.”In addition, of course, leave the LEDs as a legacy for greater safety for cyclists, and on this issue, also for the wagons of the collectors.”

The Bike is Lit in your second edition in São Paulo, having been performed at the turn, in August of that year, in a correalização between Change of Idea and Anthropomorphize productions, creator of the activity “on the route of the Pedal” in Santo André/SP. See in this video and Photo Gallery.

World campaign

On 24 September day, people from all over the world are going to organize a Global day of action around the sustainable development goals (ODS). The motto of the campaign is “light the way”, in the sense of putting light on the struggles and agendas for the next 15 years.

The goal is to draw attention to the commitments will be undertaken by all countries members of the United Nations on Sustainable Development Summit, which takes place from 25 to 27 September in New York. Will be adopted 17 goals for the world, which must be met by 2030.

In Sao Paulo, many artists and collectives of occupation of public space will gather in Largo da Batata, from the 4:00 pm:

Programming stage

the 4:00 pm at 9:00 pm

-Opening of the event
-Forró in pressure
-MC Luana Hansen
-#IluminaOCaminho Time (the candles and light in #ODS)
-Oba Ilú of Min
-Fernando Anitelli

Collective programming SP

Brazilian Institute of studies and community support Queiroz Filho (IBEAC): procession of reading by the region of Parelheiros, with production of materials and assistance in public schools and health clinics in the community.

Association of young Engajamundo |Urban Acupuncture: occupation activity of urban space, which shows how sustainable development is present in daily life + workshops of stencilled, lambe-lambe and origami cranes [see event on Facebook].

ISPIS-Pimp my Cart Movement: carroceata with candles and green plants, bicycle of São Paulo – in partnership with cicloativistas.

Change of heart: Bike light, with concentration in the Largo da Batata from 5:30 pm. Will be offered LEDs to the tires of the bike, along with balloons filled with helium gas. The group will tour the bike lane of avenida Faria Lima from 7:00 pm [learn more]

Democratic city: launch of #CausasComuns-the ideas competition guided by the goal of Sustainable Development 16 (ODS). Proposals will be accepted on the themes of transparency, access to justice, governance, security and peace in SP.The idea is to reward the 12 most commented and supported proposals, in order to present them to the rulers.

#IluminaoCaminho for Brazil

In Pernambuco, the Global day of action will be carried out by the collective hoses, in Recife and Caruaru:

In Salvador, will be carried out by the NGO Brazil, Life in the Castro Alves Square:

In Porto Alegre, will be held by the Erga Omnes Parrhesia:

In Juazeiro (BA), will be held by Small Regional Agricultural Institute appropriate: activities in the Centre of the city, a walk and symbolic act on the banks of the São Francisco River, at sunset.

In Codó (MA), will be held by PLAN International: flashmob on the main square of Born with the project “This is my time”.

In Confresa (MT), will be held by the Association of young Engajamundo: distribution of materials on the ODS in urban schools and village White Vulture, Tapirapé.