Bike Forum Will Have References in Cycling

The organization of the Sergipano Bike Forum has just received the confirmation of a significant presence in the event that takes place from October 17 to 19: Altamirando Fernandes Moraes, Undersecretary of Environment of the City of Rio de Janeiro – SMAC.He will be in Aracaju to present the successful work being done by the City of Rio de Janeiro by investing expressively in cycling infrastructure.

Currently, Rio has the largest bicycle network in the country and is considered a bike friendly city, with the title of Brazilian capital of this type. Its 371 km long bicycle system.The goal is to reach 2016 with 450 km. In addition, Rio de Janeiro was the first city in Brazil to have a bicycle road map. “Through all this history, Altamirando has much to contribute to the event. We want to bring to Aracaju all the result of this valuable experience for the ciclimobilidade”, emphasizes Luciano Aranha, president of the NGO Ciclo Urbano, responsible for the Forum.

In addition to Altamirando, the Forum welcomes the Sergipe journalist Aline Cavalcante.She has lived in São Paulo since 2008, where she works with issues related to urban mobility, occupation of public space and encouragement of the safe use of bicycles in cities. It also integrates the front of young entrepreneurs motivated by the new moment of the bicycle in Brazil.

Another speaker is Clarisse Cunha Linke, director of the Institute for Transport and Development Policies – ITDP Brazil. For five years, she served on the board of Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia, an organization responsible for the largest distribution network for implementing social enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa. Master in Social Policy, NGOs and Development, is the winner of the “Women, Tools and Technology” challenge of Ashoka Changemakers.

Daniel Valença, of the Metropolitan Association of Cyclists of Greater Recife, whose main axes of action are the promotion of bicycle use and the democratization of public roads;Francisco Navarro, Director of Planning and Systems – SMTT Aracaju; João Paulo Amaral, one of the creators of Bike Anjo São Paulo; Valdinei Calvento Junior, as he is known, is a São Paulo designer, illustrator and artist who maintains an Equal You blog. His illustrations have an activist tone that invites you to reflect on the relationship of people with big cities, mobility, sustainability and A healthier life; And Zé Lobo, founder of the Active Transport Organization, which since 1989 has been advocating and publicizing the use of bicycles in and out of town, complete the event’s speaker team.


These talks will be distributed between the three days of the event, October 17 to 19, which promise to be quite busy. As far as the urban cycle is concerned, the pace of activities for this second edition of the Forum will be even more intense than those of the previous year, warns Luciano. “The 2nd Sergipe Bike Forum-2fsbici-brings together many speakers among specialists, technicians, cyclists in general, cyclo-activists, representatives of Brazilian municipalities, NGOs, to exchange experiences, teach tips and discuss bike paths in Brazil,” he points out. Activities range from more theoretical lectures to a bicycle fair, as well as the presentation of work, film screening and a cycling tour through the historic center of Aracaju (full schedule).

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