Best Tent Pegs for Camping

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Almost all tents are equipped with simple, universal tent pegs. It is required, however, to have corresponding to the application tent pegs in the luggage. A complete range of products in many situations helps to build the tent properly and safely. Here you will find tent pegs for all areas of application.

Tent pegs

Tent pegs are sometimes called pegs. Both terms mean the same thing: a special “anchoring pin”, the aim of which is temporarily in a place and in a position to hold the actually moving objects such as beach shells, tents, tarps, and to protect against wind.

Usage area: in which region do you pitch the tent?

The nature of the soil is critical to the choice of the herring. Tent pegs are divided into three areas:

Tent pegs for forest and meadow ground, the most common tent pegs which are sufficient for the most applications. They are suitable for fairly soft, earthy soil.

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Tent pegs for hard ground

These are mostly tent nails (rock pins), so narrow, stable nails. You are beaten with a hammer or rock in small crevices or holes.

Tent pegs for snow and sand

These tent pegs are significantly longer and wider than others. They have a broad profile and some holes through the snow and ice push themselves, so they provide more support.

On the form, it comes on!

The normal shapes are round, profiles V, and Y profiles provide more support and are usually more stable due to the shape. If you can deep enough into a solid ground push the tent peg or beat up, they are sufficient. Tent pegs can be made from aluminum, steel, iron, but for example also of polypropylene, so plastic.

Protect the equipment from the pointed ends of the tent pegs: you will find the appropriate herring bag.