Best Shoes for Outdoor Training

Sturdy shoes for every outdoor use at Zipcodesexplorer

The human feet are a marvel. In the course of a day, they carry a weight of several tons total. At normal walking alone, four times of the body weight about affects the feet. The feet in the uneven terrain are exposed to even greater pressures on long walks and must be protected accordingly. Special outdoor shoes are ideal for this, because they are designed for the requirements of trekking tours. At Zipcodesexplorer, you will find a large selection of various huge selections: sturdy trekking boots, practical walking shoes or outdoor sandal for the warm season. More combines the shoes from top brands like LOWA, MEINDL, and McKINLEY: they offer support, stability and absolute comfort even on long journeys.

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The basic shoes for the hike: Hiking and trekking shoes

Trekking shoes are robust and anatomically molded footwear for hiking. Thanks to its non-slip soles, they are ideal for walking on uneven terrain. Therefore these hiking boots are trekking paths and trails ideally suited to off-road use away. At the mountain, no matter whether in the Alps or the Himalayas, is a trekking as well practically the same as for hikes through rough territory, and that during each wind and weather. Good outdoor footwear upper is designed so that it remains windproof and waterproof even when wading through wet terrain sections and breathable even when approaching storm.

Trekking boots can be hiking in the mountain at extreme altitudes safely carry and protect from slipping on steep cliffs or on sloping and smooth terrain by their non-slip sole. Therefore, a trekking store offers the perfect security in terms of footwear when it comes to the trekking or hiking in remote areas. Secure lacing the shoe gives strength and the joints and ankles, due to its height, perfect protection on an uneven surface. High-quality leather works when wearing and ensures an optimal air exchange in the shoes as a natural material.


Airy shoes for the warm season: outdoor sandal

In addition to the robust outdoor shoes, which not only stabilize the feet, but also keep warm, you find also the variant for warm seasons at Zipcodesexplorer. Outdoor sandal combines the comfort and durability of outdoor shoes with the airiness and casual traditional sandals. The shoes are perfect for the hiking through their antibacterial foot bed, their padded straps, the cushioning of the heel when walking, adjustable hook and loop closures and a non-slip outsole on warmer days. The feet have a stable hold and remain still fresh. Also in everyday life, the outdoor sandals with stylish design arrived long ago. Finally the feet are also subjected to large loads, so the comfort is like preferred a purely aesthetic looking shoe.

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Walking and winter boots at Zipcodesexplorer

That outdoor shoes long ago also in everyday life are taken, shows the diverse range of Wal King shoes at Zipcodesexplorer. These are designed so that by their breathable and waterproof materials and the non-slip profiled sole trekking tours and Nordic walking as well can be worn like at a leisurely stroll in the city. Visually they correspond to rather athletic running shoes as a rugged hiking boots, which their functional character is discreetly in the background. You will find special whale King shoes by renowned outdoor brands at Zipcodesexplorer.


The winter boots at Zipcodesexplorer are just as obsessed with the diverse properties. Not only on hiking and trekking tours on high mountains with lots of snow, but even in a city or shopping in the leisure – for warm and dry feet are taken care of with these winter shoes. With the water resistance, which keeps away any moisture and the grip outsole with solid profile for safety for travelling, leave no down winter boots from Zipcodesexplorer.

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