Best Holidays for Fishing

We present the best suggestions so you can now plan and enjoy the moments of leisure

When you look at the calendar, we can conclude that 2017 “promises” regarding the amount of Holidays or long holidays – those that precede or follow a weekend and may have another day “bridge” or “amended”. We have nine nationals, not to mention the municipal many Brazilians can enjoy on alternative dates.

It’s time to do the math, contact the places of interest and make the share price of tickets and lodging. With more advance it is possible to divide into smaller plots, or, who can, anticipate year-end accounts and already pay cash (be sure to ask for a discount).

We do not consider Christmas, on 25 December, in this list, even if it falls on a Monday, since this falls well within ban on fishing on the reproduction of fish – the spawning. In this case, if there is interest in fishing, we suggest you consult any of the hostels mentioned along the foreign matter.

Willing to ease the task of programming the outputs to your reader, fishing & Company split some suggestions for the Holidays of 2017. They were made based on our experience and in accordance with the time of year. Of course, all of a sudden, in contact with the hostel you find out a lot more convenient and productive, too. Pack your bags, pack the stuff and enjoy!

Carnival (February 28 – Tuesday)

Since it will be four days of revelry, a good option is to fish the great gilded and painted Corrientes, in Argentina. The journey can be long, so nothing better than a great holiday to have convenience. This time of year, the expectation can only be good, since the bitelos usually stay pretty active.

La Regina
Where: Puerto Rzepecki (Argentina)
Phones: (16) 3624-3627/3234-0692

Pedrinho Fishing
Where: Paso de La Patria (Argentina)
Phone: (17) 3212-7988

Hostel La Serena
Where: Ita Ibaté (Argentina)
Phones: 3781-00xx54 495273 and 00xx54-609842 93781

Good Friday (14 April – Friday)

The religious holiday is the way the fisherman like: after all, the junta Friday with the weekend. In three days you can take advantage of and make a more economical and fishing close to home, hiring a specialized guide. How about fish some bass-peva on the coast? Now, anyone willing to fish some douradões me the Brazilian territory, the deal is bet on Meek River, in Mato Grosso, where the species is protected or fish some Peacock bass in Tocantins.

Bass guide, Shimidt sport fishing
Where: Bertioga (São Paulo)
Phone: (13) 9615-0039

Bass guide, Welton Germano
Where: Bertioga (São Paulo)
Phones: + 55 (13) 98142-5757 and (13) 3305-1643

Aquafort Fishing & Tour Hotel
Where: Camocim (EC)
Phones: + 55 (85) 99356-2154

Pousada Itaicy
Where: Santo Antonio do Leverger (MT)
Phones: + 55 (31) 9646-7116/(65) 9903-6367

Pousada Funnel do Tocantins
Where: Lajeado
Phone: (63) 8406-6017 and 9294-0602

Tiradentes (21 April – Friday)

This time of year the heat starts to go away and the temperature becomes increasingly pleasant. Since the holiday will render three days off for many Brazilians, a good option is to invest in a leather fish fishery in the Xingu River or in the Araguaia. Those who want to fish the biggest Golden world can experience an adventure on the River Uruguay in Concordia, Entre Rios province, in Argentina.

Pousada Alto Xingu
Where: Canarana (MT)
Phone: (61) 3349-0198 and (61) 9945-3048

Pousada Asa Branca
Where: Bananal Island/the Araguaia River
Phone: (62) 3364-2710

La Zona Lodge
Where: Concordia (Argentina)
Phone: 54 9 345404402 (whatsapp)

Labor Day (1st may – Monday)

The deserved worker’s holiday will bring that great feeling on Sunday night: “I’m glad I don’t have to work tomorrow”. So, how about taking advantage of the three days of rest, and, suddenly, mend more or two to make a fishing trip in the Pantanal. Or, go to the Amazon to duel with the giants of jaús Teles Pires? The month of May is usually very productive in these regions.

BOTEL Are Lucas do Pantanal
Where: Caceres (MT)
Phone: (65) 9971-2658 and (65) 9981-0190

Hotel Porto Jofre
Where: Poconé (MT)
Tel: (65) 3637-1593

Pousada Fordinho
Where: Caceres (MT)
Tel: (65) 3224-1080

Boat-Hotel Xaraiés
Where: Porto Murtinho (MS)
Phone: (17) 4009-6420

Pousada Portal Of Amazon
Where: Paranaita (MT)
Phone: (66) 3521-3759/3521-4990

Corpus Christi (June 15 – Thursday)

June is cold, especially in the South and Southeast. Remember that some species are quite friorentas and tend to be more active in the winter. The black bass, trout and anchovies. But those who want to fish for something “more”, this is a great time to catch the piraíbas do Araguaia or try a good adventure in the Pantanal. The four days can yield a nice fishing trip!

Motto Ecolodge
Where: Serra Gaúcha
Phones: (51) 3368-2275 and (54) 3282-0868

Captain Matias
Where: Ilha Bela (SP)
Phone: (12) 98240-2356

Issa’s Tab
Where: South and Southeast Dams
Phone: (11) 9967-1535

Pousada King of Piraíbas
Where: Luiz Alves (GO)
Phones: + 55 (21) 99570-4488 and (62) 9969-42796

Pousada Boatmen
Where: Luiz Alves (GO)
Phones: + 55 (62) 3223-3508/(62) 99997-9277

Pousada Source do Araguaia
Where: Torixoréu (MT)
Phones: + 55 (62) 99972-4885 and 3406-1659

Hotel Pesqueiro of Kedar
Where: Corumbá (MS)
Phones: (67) 3275-1368/8175-9559

Ship Kalipso-Pearl of the Pantanal
Where: Corumbá
Phones: (67) 3231-1460/99987-3271

Brazil’s independence (September 7 – Thursday)

It’s the end of winter and, therefore, often a typical chill can be present in many parts. Even so, in 2017, the 7 of September will be a four-day Weekend and will certainly be worth it to make a longer trip for fishing in very piscosos of Brazil, as in the southern region of the Amazon, and also from abroad.

Ecolodge da Barra
Where: Southern Amazon
Phone: (11) 4361-3334

Pousada Juruena
Where: High Forest (MT)
Phone: (66) 3521-7297

Pousada Mantega
Where: High Forest (MT)
Phone: (66) 3521-4767

Pousada Rio Johan Micu
Where: Querencia (MT)
Phones: + 55 (31) 3261-6853/98634-2935

Pousada Aripuanã
Where: Novo Aripuanã
Phones: + 55 (31) 3072-7904/3201-2529

Ituzaingó Fishing
Where: Ituzaingó (Argentina)
Phones: (16) 3234-0691/(16) 3234-0693

Nossa Senhora Aparecida/children’s day (12 October – Thursday)

The October 12 holiday coincides with a very good season for fisheries and in distinct points. Since the holiday is over, why not fish in distant places, as in Argentina or even legendary Xingu rivers Guaporé or us?

Matute Fishing
Where: Corner (Argentina)
Phones: 00xx54 03777 15 300385 and 00xx54 03777 15 300459
Phone in Brazil: (45) 3027-3686

Hostels Puerto Paradise
Where: Ita Ibaté, Itatí and Yahapé (Argentina)
Phone: 3781-9 00xx54 608637

Hostel El Refugio
Where: Ita Ibaté (Argentina)
Phone: 00xx54-3781 495186 in Brazil, with Serginho Manager: (17) 98111-8030

Pousada Rio Xingu
Where: Altamira (PA)
Phones: (93) 3515-5127/99903-2048 (whatsapp)

Guaporé Fishing Hotel
Where: Cabixi (TO)
Phone: (69) 99241-5987

Pousada Vale do Shovelnose
Where: Cabixi (TO)
Phones: (69) 3442-7584 and 8117-5466

All souls ‘ day (2 November – Thursday)

In a good phase of spring, the fisherman can take advantage of this holiday to enjoy a fishing oceanic. Is the beginning of the season and the main Brazilian destinations tend to be played. It’s worth making the reservation as soon as possible to negotiate a better price. Now, those who want another option and a lot of fun, how about face some Peacock bass in Serra da Mesa?

Bahia Sport Fishing
Where: Canavieiras (BA)
Phones: + 55 (73) 8836-7739 and (73) 3284-1137

1 armchair Tourism
Where: Vitória (ES)
Phone: (27) 3345-2282

Pousada Germano
Where: Niquelândia (GO)
Phones: + 55 (62) 3354 1650/99684-4272 and 99967-5274
Proclamation of the Republic (15 November – Wednesday)

The holiday fell in the middle of the week. It’s a great excuse for you take some days and amend the previous or next weekend and the biggest Peacock bass fishing in the Amazon. November is usually a very productive month. So it’s nice to anticipate your reservation.

BOTEL Tucuna Amazon Boat
Where: Barcelos (AM)
Phone: (19) 97813-7064

Juma Amazon Lodge
Where: Autazes (AM)
Tel: (92) 3232-2707

Savannah Sport Fishing
Where: Barcelos (AM)
Phone: (11) 99446-3017/97474-5149

Boat-hotel Vilanova Amazon
Where: South of the Amazon
Phones: (42) 9122-0016/9126-0500