Best Camping Backpacks Reviews

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Backpacking – the heavy load transporters under the backpacks. A large backpack is necessary for long trips where you are self-sufficient: the backpack must not only take up tent, sleeping bag, stove, catering etc, but are also comfortable portable to make this load with an effective suspension system.

Long on the road, away from civilization, often without roads or infrastructure; it is made a large camping rucksack. It takes everything, what you need: cooker, catering, headlamp, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent etc. While some kilos come together who want to be made comfortably and effectively portable. Camping rucksacks are ideal due to their design for this task.

The facilities

A backpack is mostly classic triple divided: A raised floor (to open) divided main compartment models and the backpacks with an upper main and a bottom compartment, and in addition the lid models with one or several zippered compartments. Zipper front vents and side zip openings facilitate access to the equipment for many camping backpacks. A variety of plug and zipper pockets and gear loops complete the backpack outside and a compartment for the hydration system.

The carrying system

The suspension system of a camping backpack has a stiff back, profiled struts (usually aluminium) and lavishly padded, fixed straps, to transfer the burden not only on the shoulders, but on the hip and back. So, not only the shoulders but also the hips bear most of the weight.

The load control is also important: the backpack must be controlled so that you can be safe even in difficult terrain. These help load control straps, and compression straps, which attract the pack-sack on the body or get close to the body and improve the focus.

Also the backpack should limit as little as possible the freedom of movement, so you must work against the backpack and wasting valuable energy.

Last but not least, good ventilation is important, because the better moisture evaporates and cools the back, the less force is wearing.

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The back length

No back is like the other. Each body stature is shaped differently. It is therefore worth to test backpacks laden with different carrying systems to find the right backpack. The back length is the distance between 2 points: the upper point is the top of the shoulder blades or the 7 cervical vertebrae and this is the vertebrae, which stands out, if you take the Chin towards the chest.

The bottom point is the lateral edge of the pelvic bone. It can be good to feel with your thumbs. To help determine of your torso length, we have summarized all backpacking in 3 categories:

Short: 40 – 49 cm

Medium: 50 – 57 cm

Long: 58 – 69 cm