Best Bike Photos

2015 was a great year for There were several incredible situations, witnessed at the World Cup UCI MTB DH, XCO and BMX.

In this difficult mission to classify the best moments of 2015, we selected the following images:

Jan Kasl: “Although this landmark in Prague was built and opened a few months ago, even with the huge amount of images of the place, nothing compares the photos with the pilot Thomas Zejda.”

Kenny Belaey riding his trial bike rode a tightrope 112 feet off the ground, putting it without a doubt as one of the mega moments of 2015 captured by the lens of photographer Dom Daher.

“The moment my wheel hit the rope for the first time, after months of training and preparation, the only thing I could think of was, ‘That’s impossible!'” Said the Belgian, a multi-champion.

Red Bull Design Quest 2.0 continued the tour that began in 2013, now with a trip through Spain’s finest monuments. Here Olaf Pignataro photographed the pilot Simone Barraco at the famous bus station of Casar de Cáceres, in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

For the photographer Bartek Woliński the year 2015 was marked by Aaron Gwin, winner of the World Cup UCI MTB DH.

Gwin secured the title with a triumph in the final stage in Val di Sole, Italy, on a brutal, sloping track infested with roots and stones.

In the acclaimed Kaleidoscope video, Scottish BMX rider Kriss Kyle made a great presentation with his 20 “rim machine to enchant with his skill with an incredible amount of lights and angles.

Thanks to this image of Fred Murray it is possible to have an idea of ​​what the optical illusion is and the careful choreography of the athlete under each angle of the film.

American BMX rider Tyler Fernengel achieved stardom with the video recorded at the abandoned Silverdome stadium. In one of the best sequences of the film, the athlete sends a monstrous barspin 360 with an insane drop.

Photographer Ryan Fudger captured the moment very accurately.

Red Bull Hardline is considered the toughest and toughest downhill on the planet. And it’s no wonder that only eight drivers were able to finish the race.

Above, Craig Evans, with his Santa Cruz V10, photographed by Duncan Philpott.

Another great photo of the Kaleidoscope project, again captured by Fred Murray.

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