Behind Sponsorship, Paracyclists Will Pedal To Bahia

Athletes intend to participate in Brasileiro in Curitiba

Unable to go to the third stage of the Brazilian Paragliding Championship, scheduled for October 16 and 19 in Curitiba, three Sergipe paratroopers had an idea: to organize a kilometer pedal to get attention of those who want to help them.

On the next day 4, athletes Aldo Santanna, Tiago Alves and Ulysses Freitas will pedalão to the Bahia municipality of Paripiranga, 130 km from Aracaju, in the name of the will to compete. The departure will be at 4:00 am on Saturday at Avenida Tancredo Neves, at a gas station next to Detran. According to Aldo Santanna, the idea is also to make people aware of the strength of paracyclism in Sergipe.

“Few states have more paracyclists than Sergipe: there are already six here,” he warns.Still for the paracyclist, the modality is an expensive sport, which demands greater effort of the athletes.”I am a student of the Bolsa Athlete of the Municipality of Aracaju, I receive help of cost and the city has already done the part of it. But only supplementation exceeds the value I receive,”he points out.

On the pedal, the trio will be reinforced by invited athletes from various states, and according to Santanna, the route will be divided into two parts. “Let’s ride more quietly to Salgado. When we get there, we will give an explosion already in training rhythm for the Brazilian’s stage. It’s an intense level where many people on conventional bikes may find it difficult to keep up,”he explains.

Also according to Aldo, the initiative can be extended.”Paripiranga is the Christmas land of Ulysses Freitas, where we will be welcomed at his house and then back to Aracaju by car. The idea is that we periodically pedal to the birthplace of each of the paracyclists involved.”

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