Bass Fishing Drop Shot

Fish for bass in the shot is one of the most rewarding techniques. When the key is unforgettable and will give you incredible sensations. It must above all know the right places to fish for bass to start it from a boat. Here is an article presenting the different techniques to get the bar and animate his decoy.


Depending on the period, the temperature of water, weather, tide, time etc… the fish is at a certain depth (it is on the surface, midwater or depth).
The question of the depth to which flush out the bar and its activity, more than essential, makes the fishing at the relatively technical bar and therefore requires some learning and a little experience. However, once that barrier is exceeded, fishing at the launch bar provides great satisfaction.
If you have no idea of the depth at which the bar is located, I recommend starting with surface lures then change lure in picking him more and more in depth. This will help you not him too early to reveal your presence.
Finally, an absence of key on a type of lure is certainly not synonymous with lack of bar. It may simply be that you were not looking for at the right depth. Feel free to test several depths before changing jobs.
It is sometimes useful and rewarding to the bright colors (orange, pink and white) a lure in order to wake up the aggressiveness of the bars.
It is extremely important to animate his decoy very erratically to excite hunting fish. Advice: give two or three movement of wrist, Rod low in order to leave the lure right and left way choppy, then pause for a second. In addition to noise, this will give the impression that the fish is on the run and the bar cannot resist.

Fish for bass in surface

The bar will be able to rise to the surface if there is no need to go through layers of water with different temperatures. To do this, the weather must have been stable over the last three days. To mount on the surface, to be in an area and at a period where the food is sufficiently abundant, so between the beginning of the summer and the early fall. Finally, water must not be too flat or too transparent. Attacks on the surface are the most intense because you see the fish follow then attack the lure.

Fish bar between two waters

The bar is usually at the bottom to feed, but when funds permit, the bars place their midwater hunting ground. So that the bar finds its interest, the biotope be abundant food source. The bar generally found his happiness in Rocky systems or the sandbanks, and it often dislodge here where the swell breaks. Accordingly, it is necessary to fish with lures that you achieve precise depths and fish swimmers are ideal for this.

Fish for bass in depth

Most often, you need to pick up the bar in the Fund. This will be the case as soon as the bar will not feel safe, as when the climate and weather conditions changing, extreme, short as soon as they come out a little of the ordinary. It is more difficult to reach the bottom from the edge with hard lures. However some hard lures to flank you from the depths of swimming up 10 meters. Otherwise, it will go to the soft lure with a jig head.


Should be set a bottom line to the braid with a connection node. In order to avoid repeat nodes at each change of lures, which can be tedious if the wind is part of the, we can fix a clip at the end of the bottom line (see the node).
Some fisherman will tell you that the lure will be less fishing… You make your opinion!
If you prefer to not have to clip, the rapala knot allows great mobility and gives greater freedom of movement to the lure.


Any angler will tell the material is light, more fishing is fun and above all better. If you want to fish a long time without suffering from cramps, therefore take a fairly light cane (300gr) with between 10g and 40g of launch power.
The power to launch means the optimal weight of lures that you can start with your rod. So you start better between 10 and 40 grams lures.
The length of the rod should not be too much under penalty of no longer animate the decoy properly. Beyond 2 m 50, this will complicate is for you.
For a pleasant fishing, there are also a suitable reel. A 4000 or 3000 is sufficient.
For a fluid shot, an effective animation and a nice fight, you can take the 13/100th braid that more than enough. Be sure to put a bottom line fluorocarbon 30/100th of a load to improve the discretion and put a bit of elasticity in the line to not lose the fish in the shoeing.
You can put a clip to change the natural lure more quickly. Some purists will tell you that discretion is altered…


Surface: Popper, pencil popper, slider, stick bait, prop bait
In depth: Minnow, longbill minnow, jerkbait, lipless minnow plugs, shads, slugs.