Basic Exercises Push-Ups

Push up is one of the most famous exercises for the muscles of the body. This article about these “oldies” explains how to perform this exercise perfectly so that you get the most benefit.

Basic Exercise

To get a muscular physical and impressive power to build, require basic exercises. A basic training was that it is a relatively simple exercise that claim to several large muscle groups and also a large number of so-called stabillisator muscles tackles. Tendons and ligaments also become stronger through these exercises.


Push-up, or printing is a very good basic exercise to mainly train chest, shoulder muscles and triceps. It is also alleged in the rest of the body. As with any exercise or movement that its implementation is very important. The proper implementation of an exercise causes your muscle fibers are fully loaded and damage omitted.

  • Take default which the upper plate on.
  • Place your feet hip-width apart and your hands shoulder width apart and keeping your body straight continues to tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles.
  • Bag slowly to the ground by bending arms.
  • Stop by about 1 cm above the ground and hold this position for a moment, though.
  • Then back to the starting position.


As with any physical activity, is very important to breathe. As a general rule of strength training; inhale as you lift the weight and inhale when lowering the weight back. For push-up money so; breath as you descend down through your arms and exhale as you push yourself back up.


Push-up is a heavy basic exercise and you will find that you need time to build up your strength. Look for yourself what you can to build it and then out until you can do four sets of 15 repetitions. Hence Just make sure you give your body enough rest to recover. This will mean that, for example, on Monday to work on your push-ups and Tuesday rest, Wednesday Weather pressure and Thursday rest, etc. Once you have built up strength, you can go varrieëren of this exercise, such as hands more remotely, to do more reps you place your feet higher and for the real die hards, try it with one arm!