Banff National Park

Despite Canada being the second largest country in the world, he has a population only slightly larger than Sao Paulo. Its 30 million inhabitants are concentrated in its southern portion. Alberta is the sunniest province in the country and the South, where’s Calgary, suffers the influence of Chinook, a warm wind that blows from the Pacific and which can increase the temperature in more than 20oc in midwinter.

Our starting point is Calgary, city of almost one million inhabitants, situated in the South of the province of Alberta. From there, with a car, you get easily in the mountains. In winter, it’s worth knowing the ski resorts that are scattered between Kananaskis (Nakiska) and Banff (Norquay, Sunshine and Lake Louise).

Banff is Canada’s first National Park, established in 1885, and the second in North America, after Yellowstone, USA. This was only the beginning of a system of national and provincial parks that now protects more than 30000 km2 of a beautiful mountain environment, both Rico that Banff is considered by unesco cultural patrimony of the humanity. Are 6,641 km2 of area, behind only Jasper mountain parks.

The CPR is of fundamental importance to the discovery of these landscapes and cities Foundation when they open the roads for the construction of the rail line which bisects the country from East to West, they face with spectacular mountains, valleys and steps, thermal waters, blue lakes and crystal clear water, glaciers etc. Company officials were by the Rockies, founding cities and developing hiking trails, especially in banff. In fact, the opening and maintenance of trails has always been a priority for the first Superintendent of the Park – and it still is today, a total of 3,000 km, that’s right: 3000 kilometres of trails scattered through the Rockies. About 1500 of them are in banff.

In the heart of the Park is the city of the same name, with little more than 8000 permanent residents and a number of hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, shops, museums, the Banff Centre and others. Live in Banff is a privilege of a few, governed by strict municipal law which regulates the development and the environment. But, more than anything, banff offers lush nature, with a natural corridor that allows almost peaceful coexistence among species as distinct as the Moose, bear, Cougar, caribou, mountain goat, several types of birds, small rodents etc.

To visit the Park is required to pass the vehicle and passes to wild areas stopovers within the Park. Canmore, just 20 km from Banff but outside the boundaries of the Park, is slightly larger in size than Banff and also offers various services to tourists. In Banff, bathing in Banff Upper Hot Springs, a natural thermal water pool with views of Mount Rundle, Banff postcard. the thermal waters are open all year round and is especially relaxing after a long day in the mountains.

Services: you’re in banff during the banff mountain film and book festival, don’t miss out!

The Brazil receives the Banff World Tour, with the best of the festival the previous year but the Banff Centre turns into a party with a number of free attractions, including. The festival takes place every year, usually in late October, and lasts a week.