Baby Swaddle Blanket

The sleepers or buntings, another thing you learned about becoming a MOM. A word that you’re going to repeat all the livelong day, it’s the BASE, somewhat like the bodysuits.

What is a Tog? It’s a sleeping bag for baby, with or without sleeves. Handy to keep baby warm without risk he discovered.

I know that there are addicts and non-addicts (also the non addicts how do you do?). Personally I can’t do without, especially when I’m in France winter!

But for 6 months I have a problem… The good existential question of MOM, the thing that you fear, that wake you in the night to go check…

My daughter gets a out of his swaddle.

Miss cabbages is an adventurer, an active, a future testing, especially in his bed.If it was real I would say it is a squall, a small ringworm!

4,3,2,1 she has returned her bed. For a time I even had right to the ‘I’m moving my bed”: we removed the sheets then we remove the mattress. All at 15 months (I can’t even think of its work when she gets a big bed and 2 years). Check ESTATEREALEST for baby sleeping bag choosing tips.

= The proof image:

Yes the unfit mother that I am, after several attempts and unsuccessful explanations, decided to leave it in his happy mess. It was my last card, but it didn’t work. She managed to sleep on the mattress…

I finally used the hard way: SEW elastics from one end to the other of the sheets cover #modegrandsmoyens #mereauboutdurouleau

However for the SAC, my trolling problem persists… So I had to go abroad in Africa, and enjoy the warmth to no longer use!

And thank God, since my return to France, the weather is my great friend! It’s mild, so although the feints of miss cabbages are not so serious… At worst I enter his room to cover it before going to bed…

In recent days, the cold is there so I need to find a solution. Attention stay-at-home mom engages its neurons

-Attempt 1: sew a ramp (instead of pressure). Like that at worst she keep a hooked arm… You’re talking about nothing stops her, she areussis out, I know not how (I am thinking of installing a webcam above his bed).
-Attempt 2: invest in a SleepSack with only a zipper in the middle. It worked for 5 minutes, until what she knows to open it…

And then I finally found THE solution (it works for a week youhooouuuu!), it’s put the bumpers backwards, closing in the back!

You must think I was really in the #boutdurouleau reading me, and well, you’re really not far, I was almost point leave it to curdle the night…

For all moms of smart kids, so here are my tips to hold as long as possible without having to walk its neurons (it’s still the main!).

Choose a sleepingbag with:

-At least a strap closed (or sewn) or even both. The pressure is easy to undo
-The zipper on the side or on the back if you find. Forget the zipper on the front, it’s also too easy!

Also some personal reviews by:

-I never used to Swaddle with sleeves, I find that the baby is too claustrophobic in here…
-prefer a wide neckline, or even v especially for the new born. I had a pretty narrow little boat for Miss Choufleur at the beginning. She rubbed her chin and I was afraid that she covers her mouth and breathing…
-At the level of the fabric, feel free to touch and take soft materials in 100% cotton.A model moltonne for a simple cloth for summer and winter.