Baby Bunting Sleeping Bags

As a parent, the biggest fear is that baby was not hot enough or is beset by drafts. For a newborn, the bunting is perfect. At birth the little sleeping bag is suitable both for walking and for naps in the bed or bassinet. Incidentally we can also use it in the car seat or stroller as accessory on pajamas or sleep well. It also keeps well in a sling.

It is also possible to choose the sleeping bag from RELATIONSHIPSPLUS for home and driver combination to exit. The sleeping bag can be worn in premature size to 24/36 months. It is essential to opt for a bunting bag or sleeping bag to the right size. Too large, it causes a risk of landfill (as the duvet cover that we advise the mother to avoid).

Let’s see what are the differences between a bunting bag and a sleeping bag.

The bunting bag, sleeping bag newborns

The bunting bag is handy for the child’s birth to 3 months. It offers the comfort of an enveloping cover. Its more: its pointed hood that can protect baby’s head from cold and bad weather.

The material and the size of a bunting bag

Velvet, the baby bunting is often made of a cotton lining and a polyester cotton lining. With such a material, it is machine washable at 30 ° and dried at low temperatures.

For a birth size, bunting bag measures approximately 55 cm and 80 cm with hood. The bunting is recommended for premature babies with a length of 42 cm and 65 cm with hood.

The Angel nest for car seat

The bunting is fully open, thanks to zips, links and pressures, to install the newborn, avoiding manipulation.
Many parents are moving towards driver combination for practical matters, particularly attach the child in a car seat. Therefore it is possible to turn to a bunting bag with openings for the sliding seat harness or angel-combi nest with pressures in the legs.

Evolutionary sleeping bag for baby sleep

The sleeping bag has become the standard in sleep for the child. Are prohibited: blankets, quilts or flat sheets. The crib is very minimalist with a mattress and a fitted sheet on the mattress. The child sleeps in a sleeping bag.

It is the summer sleeping bags fine cotton, unlined, for the summer season or the crib. The winter sleeping bag is considerably thicker with a lining and a fleece interior.

The sizes of sleeping bags

The sleeping bag can be adjustable through a system of pressures and scalable. There are different sizes of sleeping bags:

  • Premature size (about 50 cm).
  • The sleeping bag for birth (or 0/3 months 0/6 months) of 60 cm on average.
  • The sleeping bag 1st age (or 0/6 months 0/12 months) 70 to 75 cm.
  • The sleeping bag 2nd age (12/36 months) of approximately 100 cm.

The swaddling blanket, the return of a trend

Far from being a novelty, swaddling is becoming increasingly popular with parents followers of mothering. Of course, nothing to do with the ultra tight swaddling clothes! This boils down to a simple cover with fleece swaddling-framed, which are folded over each other with a velcro system to decrease the Moro reflex and soothe the child.