Ariana Grande, John Legend, Celine Dion… Los Mejores Videos De La Bella Y La Bestia

Is increasingly less to the March 17, date surely you have marked on the calendar because premieres ‘Beauty and the beast’. In addition to the costumes and the Mise en scene, the soundtrack It is one of the great attractions of this production, responsibility of the composer Alan Menken, winner of eight Oscars, two of them (Best Original band and best song) by film animation of 1991. In addition, will include new recordings of original songs written by Menken and Howard Ashman, as well as several new songs also written by Menken and by Tim Rice, winner of three Oscars.

Celine Dion Returns a part of the soundtrack. The singer plays the theme How Does A Moment Last Forever, an unpublished song. John Legend and Ariana Grande are the ones who will put voice to the new version of the theme song of the tape, the famous “born an illusion, tremble with emotion, beauty and beast are” theme that he sang Angela Lansbury in 1991 tape, and who subsequently recorded Celine Dion y Peabo Bryson for the soundtrack of the film. Both the song and the soundtrack took the Oscar and the Golden Globe year.

Beauty and Beast is the main theme of the soundtrack, produced by veteran Ron Fair, and written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

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The artist and composer international complete this fantastic soundtrack Josh Groban, that has recorded a brand new song titled Evermore, and Dan Stevens. Emma Watson (Bella) also sing with your own voice during the film to Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts) and Kevin Kline (Maurice).

In addition to base the story on classic animation, the director/co-writer Bill Condon believed that, musically, the story could adopt a slightly more realistic tone, either with the introduction of certain changes in the existing songs or adding new themes. “The songs help to tell a story and raise its emotional content, and at the same time help the story progress”.

Walt Disney Records released the soundtrack of the film on March 10.