Arginine: What It Is and What It Is For

Arginine is an already well-known substance of the marombeiros and marombeiras. This protein is classified as essential, since we do not produce it. But, it is not just for muscle building. There are many other parts of our body that need it, such as hair.

Arginine What It Is and What It Is For

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Arginine is one of the amino acids responsible for capillary fiber formation. This nutrient is passed to the wires through the root, unclogging the hair bulb. This helps to improve the growth of new yarns and favors their healthy growth.

Other benefits of arginine

Want to lose weight and build new muscles? Arginine can also help in this process. It is not by chance that this amino acid is already well known to bodybuilders. It stimulates the synthesis of nitric oxide, a substance that has a strong affinity for fat. Thus, the oxide can mobilize the fat cells more easily outside the body.

The gain of mara mass is also guaranteed with the intake of arginine. Of course, for this to happen you should be practicing bodybuilding. The nitric oxide present in this amino acid is able to synthesize nitrogen inside the muscle cells, essential element for the construction of the muscular fiber.

And what are the benefits of arginine for topical use?

Our hair fiber is developed basically from keratin. One of the compounds of this protein is arginine and from this information you already have to imagine the importance of this amino acid for the growth of the wires. It makes the hair stronger and with that, it manages to avoid or at least decrease the fall.

One of the functions of arginine is to improve hair nutrition and with that, to offer more nutrients to the hair. It is easy to find hair products like shampoos, conditioners and hair masks with arginine in its composition. It helps to seal the wires by forming a protective film around them.

How to use it?

To use arginine in oral form just go to a food supplement store and buy yours. However, the ideal is to have nutritional monitoring before you make that decision. Supplements are indicated for people who have a deficiency in food. Only a professional can tell you whether or not your case is the same and how much to take.

In the case of topical use, you will easily find the argina in hair products like serums, leave-ins, shampoos and others. There are several keratin based products in which this amino acid will be present. It is already possible to find several brands, both national and imported, that use only arginine as the main product.

Contraindications of arginine

Ingesting this nutrient without professional guidance can generate a number of problems. The first of these is in the renal system if the dose of arginine becomes excessive for your body. Also, if you are not ingesting the correct portion of the other amino acids, arginine may not help much.

A large group of people are involved in the contraindications: diabetics, patients with heart disease, pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly and those suffering from digestive problems should not take the supplement without medical advice.

In case of topical use, consulting a professional is also necessary. He can do an analysis of your wire and say what you really need. Using too much arginine in the hair can do the reverse effect and end up breaking the wires in half.