App for Cycling

The MyCampy application allows the cyclist with a Campagnolo group to be assisted on the setting, use and maintenance of its group.

Campagnolo offers cyclists the MyCampy application. It is available for download for smartphones running iOS and Android.

It allows to manage your fleet of bicycles, but most of the components related to the transmission and brake mounted on each of them. For owners of an electronic group Campagnolo EPS , the MyCampy app enables analysis of PSE benefits with the possibility of total customization of the settings.

MyCampy The application is a tool that offers the following options:


the application function to keep perfectly under control all cyclists equipment, know exactly how many kilometers traveled each component, wheel, chain or gears pack and when it is appropriate to perform general maintenance.


Can interact with the 360 electronic transmission Campagnolo , connecting wirelessly to the EPS group to customize the controls and benefits based on system preferences, download and instantly install a new update firmware or perform a real-time diagnosis of each PSE component.

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Liaison with the Garmin Edge 520 and 1000

The owners of the Campagnolo EPS V3 group who also own a Garmin Edge 520 or Garmin Edge 1000 can pair the EPS electronic group with their GPS provided you have a recent version of Firmware.

Thus, the user may display on its screen information describing:

  • the position of the chain on the tape,
  • the transmission ratio
  • and the battery level.

No need to look down to see where is located the chain.

It is thus possible to have very complete many possibilities for monitoring the drive of the rider, if the latter also uses a power sensor.
However, these functions also perfectly connected with the functions of the MyCampy application and allows a comprehensive analysis after the release.


It is an analytical tool to assess in detail its benefits, particularly regarding the use of components, keeping track of every shift, knowing exactly where, when and how a specific route is followed while offering tips and suggestions to improve your cycling performance, all in coordination with all new Wi-Fi features of the V3 EPS interface.

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