Angelina Jolie Plays to Lose Weight

After gestate their twins, the famous and beautiful actress recovered their previous weight very easily, and beyond that many wonder admired how do the stars to look always slender, they are people like us and some method or another choose to lose weight.

In this particular case, Angelina Jolie has opted to play to lose weight after pregnancy. The hand of the Nintendo DS, the actress has exercised with the popular game Let completo Pilates and today wears an admirable body that radiates health and beauty where we look at it.

As it has been reported, Jolie has proven the benefits of games that involve physical movement, allowing burn calories, tone your body, and combat the sedentary lifestyle.

Let us remember that there are already many games console, using the movements required to compete and win, become an alternative to physical activity. Although it does not generate equal benefits, play console causes a caloric expenditure that, against inactivity, remains positive.

Let’s Pilates It is a simulation game, in which player should imitate the exercises of the animations that provide information and details so that even Preemies, can learn to do Pilates and enjoy its effects on the body.

Pilates is a relatively new technique, but it has taken much boom due to powerful tone that provides and that, in the case of a quiet activity, generates many visible results. Now it helps to lose weight? Yes, produces a caloric expenditure of around 300 calories per hour, which although it is not of the same magnitude as the aerobic activities, contributes to weight loss because it increases with this, basal metabolism and muscle mass.

Of course, if calories through food consumption exceeds or equals spending, never will succeed in slimming, for this reason, although Angelina exercises are with Pilates about 3 times a week for an hour, through this virtual media, and while I believe that you can notice the benefits of Pilates with this weekly frequency, ad sounds like marketing and has undoubtedly impacted positively on the marketing of this game.

In addition, it is not a miraculous play that will allow weight loss with only practice it, but is, if Angelina Jolie has lost weight because not only to State to the console, but that requires one diet healthy and low calorie to promote a negative caloric balance.

As we always say, video games are not a substitute to the physical exercise, But if it is on your possibilities and want to combat the sedentary lifestyle in any way, this may be a good alternative to move and get in shape if you accompany it with a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, we must not forget that in each person there is a different resource that is used for health care and esto much influenced the fun and rewarding activity generated, because in this aspect, video games are not left behind.