Andreas Linden Cycling

Road: Andreas Lindén have difficult to stick to its original plan because of strong pains in his left knee. During Tuesday evening, he will pass the Gällivare someone or a few hours after its original plan. See the film about his fourth day on the bike here.

Right now, we do not know whether Andreas will continue. He has great pain and a lot of tears have been rolled and the cycle was about to be thrown in the ditch out of sheer frustration. He is angry, disappointed and sad. Andreas is in the camper who had taken him three miles to Gällivare. Here he will rest for two hours. Next, we test the legs.

If the stabbing pains are still there it will take way too long to even pass the old record. “A cycle vacation can anyone clear, it’s not news.” is his own words about how we’re going to do if the pain is not inside. To the pain will release required a minor miracle. We have consulted the doctors explained how the options look like. There is a preparation NOT is not printed. However, we do not print it because all pharmacies are closed, also at the hospital. There are obviously a lot of other preparations that takes away the pain but these are all classified doping and there has never been, will never be an alternative for Andreas.

He ended up as a pro cyclist to get away from doping culture and would never be able to live with herself if illegal substances taken him in goal, be it competition or challenge. That said, the situation is very uncertain. If the pain go away, we’ll go back with Andreas to the place he broke, 3 km before. From there, he will get in this case try to persevere and get to the goal. The atmosphere is as can be understood, low. We know that Andreas had managed that splendidly unless this radiant pain (he describes it as when you turn in his elbow STURDY solid worse) cuts through the entire body for each short ride. It feels very sad. And we know how disappointed Andreas will be. Right now we are hoping for a miracle.