Andalucia Bike Racing

Most of the Swedish MTB elite have begun or are in the starting blocks for the start of the racing season in 2016. One of the more interesting starts today when the reigning Swedish Champion in cross-country Calle Friberg takes on the Spanish stage race Andalucia Bike Race along with Gustav Larsson. The latter makes a bit of a comeback in the forest, but Gustav is definitely not a beginner. It was in the forest, he began his cycling and he has always maintained his charging on the side of the road until now that he really wants to feel on the lifting force. So what can we expect from the guys Calle and Gustav which together bikes for Team Scott Skoda?

“This is going to be insanely funny. We hope to do something good, but it would be unreasonable to aim too high, given that most of all I feel some fresh in exactly this situation, says Gustav Larsson.

Today’s stage is a “prologue” of 50 kilometres, you’ve got decent experience from taking both WORLD CUP-OLYMPIC medals on the abutment. Gets the victory today then?

-Haha, Yes if it were so easy that I could just move my road capacity to Marin County, so maybe it would be a top results, but there is little else to keep track of when cycling beside the road, according to Gustav.

Calle Friberg which are reigning Swedish Champion is wholly sympathetic to the start he makes tillsammsans with Gustav.

-I’ve been running this competition before and it is a fantastic race. To do it along with my old friend Gustav makes it even more fun. And I am impressed by his skills, says Calle.

And your own form?

-I will not complain, my winter has been good, where I spent two months in South Africa together with my partner Lisa Nordén. Where has the exercise worked well and I have done me well away from diseases and injuries, so I feel rather stable and very psyched, says Calle.

Calle Friberg and Gustav Larsson has his own blog here on Bicycling, here and on Facebook BicyclingSwe can you follow their competitors in the near future.

Good luck, we say and make us ready for stage 1!

About this type of terrain is what awaits the participants in Andalucia Bike Race.